Loyalty Reads: YouTube Adds Free Streaming Channels, Wendy’s Overhauls Operations, and More

YouTube Adds Hub of Free Streaming Channels 

YouTube will feature shows from ad-supported streaming channels in their latest test to compete with other streaming services. If initial testing proves successful, the streaming provider will launch the service more broadly later in 2023. 

The move is part of YouTube’s larger plan to become the go-to destination for users to view and share the content they care about, following their recent deal with the National Football League. The hub is an attempt to break into the free, ad-supported streaming TV channels (FAST) market, placing the social media platform in competition with platforms like Roku, Pluto TV, and Tubi. 

Wendy’s Overhauls Operations 

Two executives are departing from Wendy’s Co. as part of an organizational overhaul, including staff reductions and new investments. The changes come as the U.S. economy softens, with fast-food restaurants looking to provide better deals for consumers. 

Wendy’s intends to focus on providing value for consumers, especially among lower-income customers. To meet their goals, the restaurant chain is restructuring its operations, resulting in a slight increase to shares. Wendy’s goal of lowering administrative costs brought the loss of their U.S. Chief Financial Officer and Chief Commercial Officer, with the potential of more staff reductions. 

Nestlé Tests Paper Packaging on KitKat Bars 

Nestlé will test paper-wrapped KitKat bars in select stores across Australia. The move is Nestlé’s latest effort to reduce plastic waste and provide more recyclable options. 

Each of the paper-packaged chocolates comes with a QR code, where consumers can provide their feedback on the product. Nestlé hopes to find packaging that both protects their products and provides a positive customer experience. 

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