Loyalty Reads: Sephora and TikTok Announce Partnership, Seven & i to Cut Ito-Yokado Locations and Leave Apparel Business, and More

Sephora and TikTok Announce Partnership 

Sephora and TikTok launched a partnership to help beauty brands increase their creator content. The Sephora X TikTok Incubator Program will pair TikTok creators with brands from Sephora’s Accelerate program. 

The Accelerate Program provides training for brands to improve their social media content and presence. The new partnership with TikTok will expand the Sephora initiative to improve beauty brand presence on social media. 


Seven & i to Cut Ito-Yokado Locations and Leave Apparel Business  

Seven & i Holdings Co will reduce its Ito-Yokado supermarket locations and leave the apparel business. The supermarket chain will close 33 unprofitable or low-margin stores by 2026. 

The main Seven & i Holdings supermarket will end its clothing business, after starting as a clothing store in 1920. The move comes after the store faced severe competition with specialized clothing stores. The brand will continue to sell other brands’ clothing at its outlets. 


Coca-Cola Launches New Art-Based Campaign 

Coca-Cola launched its new “Masterpiece” campaign, leaning on its presence in the modern art world. The new campaign comes with a short film showcasing various classical, modern, and contemporary works of art interacting with a bottle of Coca-Cola, starting with Andy Warhol’s Coca-Cola Bottle print. 

The Masterpiece campaign is the latest expression of the “Real Magic” brand platform. The platform is about celebrating how Coca-Cola provides refreshment in moments that matter. In addition to world-famous works, the film showcases artworks by emerging creators from Africa, India, the Middle East, and Latin America. 


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