Loyalty Reads: H World Group Upgrades Overseas Loyalty Program, Audi Tests Personalized QR Codes, and More

H World Group Upgrades Overseas Loyalty Program 

H World Group improved its H Rewards program to expand its direct marketing membership model from China to its overseas hotel operations. H World Group plans to use the expansion to add new momentum and efficiency to its global strategy. 

One major element of the upgrade was the addition of personalized services to attract new members. With a goal of digitizing the traditional hospitality industry, the new program adds features like offering Chinese language services for members travelling to Europe, the Middle East, or Africa. 


Audi Tests Personalized QR Codes 

Audi of America partnered with KERV Interactive to launch ads with personalized QR codes. Audi uses KERV’s new Dynamic Destination technology to create ads that send consumers in 115 different zip codes to their local Audi dealerships. 

KERV’s Dynamic Destination allows brands to create personalized QR codes that direct them to local and unique destinations, even if the brand has a national or global presence. Audi used the technology to turn a single video into a personalized experience for every customer. 


Rémy Martin Adds AR Technology to Street Murals to Celebrate Hip-Hop 

Rémy Martin launched the Street Art Museum with innovative AR technology. The cognac brand is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop with its VSOP Mixtape Volume 3 album and a series of murals that feature QR codes with an augmented reality experience. 

Rémy Martin worked with Xia Gordon on the mural artwork, which will travel around the U.S. The brand also partnered with iHeartMedia to host a series of mixtape events in celebration of the anniversary. 


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