Loyalty Reads: Salesforce Personalizes Campaign and Shopping Experiences with Generative AI, BP Announces Upside Partnership, and More

Salesforce Personalizes Campaign and Shopping Experiences with Generative AI 

Salesforce launched Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT, the global leader in CRM’s latest generative AI products. The new products are designed to help Salesforce clients personalize their marketing campaigns and improve their customers’ shopping experiences. 

Marketing GPT allows marketers to automatically generate personalized emails, smarter audience segments, and marketing journeys. Commerce GPT allows brands to deliver personalized shopping experiences and offers, adjusting to customer needs with GPT-powered dynamic buying journeys. 


BP Announces Upside Partnership 

BP partnered with retail technology company Upside. The partnership allows Upside app users to earn cashback at 500 BP-supplied Arco locations in California, Oregon, and Washington state. 

The partnership allows BP to tap into the 30+ million people with access to Upside promotions through Upside’s platform or API integrations with partners like Uber, Lyft, and Instacart. BP is the latest convenience retailer to partner with Upside, adding to the company’s 50,000 partner locations across the U.S. 


Absolut Vodka Pilots Paper-Based Bottles in U.K. 

Absolut Vodka will run a three-month test of its single-mold paper bottle, partnering with British supermarket chain Tesco. The bottle was created through collaboration with Paboco — the Paper Bottle Company — and The Coca-Cola Company, Carlsber, P&G, and L’Oréal. 

The pilot is the first time paper-based bottles have been used by a global spirits company and follows small tests at festivals in Sweden and the U.K. The new bottle will also allow Absolut to become a carbon neutral product by 2030. 


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