Loyalty Reads: Employee-Experience Managers Aim to Reduce Burnout, Retailers Increase Theft Prevention, and More

Employee-Experience Managers Aim to Reduce Burnout 

Many companies are hiring employee-experience managers to reduce burnout and improve worker engagement and productivity. In its first time making the list, the role currently ranks fifth on LinkedIn’s fastest-growing jobs for 2023. 

Employee-experience managers function as a support role that mixes traditional HR functions with people data analysis. Many businesses created their own version of the position during the pandemic as staff shifted to remote-work or switched jobs. 


Retailers Increase Theft-Prevention at the Expense of Customer Experience 

Retailers seeking to combat theft could negatively impact seamless customer experience in-stores. According to the National Retail Federation, retail theft has become a $94.5 billion problem. Stores are seeking the balance between preventing theft and keeping a positive shopping experience. 

Some companies are increasing security on everything, even lower-cost items like batteries, while others are closing stores altogether. While higher security helps protect monetary costs, it does cost customer loyalty and experience by creating barriers to purchasing in-stores. 


Circle K Offers Free Coffee 

Circle K offers free coffee to change consumers’ perceptions on convenience store coffee. On Jan. 25, 2023, customers can receive one free cup of coffee at participating Circle K locations. 

The convenience store recently invested heavily in its coffee, upgrading to self-serve machines that provide freshly ground coffee for every cup. Despite the investment, convenience store coffee still carries a bad reputation. The free cup offer is their latest effort in a series of social experiments to help shed that reputation, which have so far produced positive result. 

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