Loyalty Reads: Dunkin’ Launches Exclusive Latte, Mo’ Bettahs Partners with Thanx on New App, and More

Dunkin’ Launches Exclusive Latte 

Dunkin' released a new latte exclusively available to Dunkin’ rewards members. Inspired by the chain’s seasonal Brownie Batter Donut, the Brownie Batter Signature Latte is only available through the Dunkin’ app. 

The move comes during Dunkin’s somewhat controversial efforts to revamp its rewards program. The latte is an attempt to strengthen member loyalty after the brand reduced the rewards discount on coffee. 


Mo’ Bettahs Partners with Thanx on New App 

Mo’ Bettahs released a new mobile app for iOS and Android in a partnership with Thanx. The app comes with a revamped loyalty program and digital ordering. 

The new Makana Rewards program provides the fast casual restaurant chain new insight into customer behavior. This data will help Mo’ Bettahs provide more personalized communication and targeted marketing. 


McDonald’s Will Open 1900 Stores in 2023 

In its largest growth move since 2014, McDonald's plans to open 1900 locations in 2023. Over 400 of the new stores will be in the U.S. or its internationally operated markets, with the other 1500 in developmental licensee and affiliate markets. 

The store openings signal good news for franchise owners, highlighting both the chain’s growth and their expectation to continue growing despite the impact of inflation. In the U.S., franchise owners make up roughly 95% of the McDonald’s total portfolio. 


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