Loyalty Reads: Domino’s Launches In-Car Ordering, Gucci Unveils Salon Concept Store, and More

Domino’s Launches In-Car Ordering 

Domino’s Pizza Inc. announced the ability to order pizza directly from Domino’s iOS app on Apple CarPlay. The new feature is the first of its kind in the pizza delivery industry. 

Through the app, customers can either Tap to Order or Call to Order directly through their cars’ system. Tap to Order allows them to select from recent or saved orders. Call to Order allows them to speak with a customer service representative hands-free. 


Gucci Unveils Salon Concept Store 

Gucci debuted the Gucci Salon concept store, allowing customers to customize iconic Gucci styles to fit their unique styles. The new high-end boutique is located at the corner of Melrose Place and Melrose Avenue in L.A., previously occupied by Marc Jacobs. 

The concept creates an exclusive experience for Gucci customers, with personalized selections available by appointment only. The new location also offers privacy for the entire shopping experience. 


Vans Launches New Ad Campaign  

Vans announced a new ad campaign to enlist ambassadors from a variety of backgrounds. The “This is Off the Wall” campaign will feature distorted and colorful images of its partners, encouraging self-discovery through creativity. 

The campaign is to launch the Knu School model — a modern take on its 90s low-top sneakers. Vans hopes the campaign will reignite sales following recent challenges. 


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