Loyalty Reads: Bank Partnership Competes with PayPal and Apple Pay, White Castle Launches New Merch Line, and More

Bank Partnership Competes with PayPal and Apple Pay 

Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co., JPMorgan Chase & Co., will partner with four other banks to create a new digital wallet linked to debit and credit cards. The new wallet will compete with other services like PayPal or Apple Pay. 

The bank partnership wallet will be managed by Early Warning Services LLC (EWS), a bank-owned company that already manages money-transfer service Zelle. The plan comes after EWS considered allowing customers to use Zelle for online purchases. 


White Castles Launches New Merch Line 

White Castle unveils its new Love Castle merchandise in preparation for its Valentine’s Day dining event. The merchandise is available at the restaurant chain’s online store, House of Crave.  

The merchandise — featuring t-shirts, sunglasses, and a silk robe — is part of White Castle’s campaign to advertise the return of its Valentine’s Day in-store dining experience. On Feb. 14, participating White Castle restaurants will become reservation only, fine dining establishments, complete with hostess seating, tableside service, and holiday décor. 


1-800-Flowers.com® Offers Valentine’s Day Exclusive Flowers, Gifts, and More 

Preparing for Valentine’s Day, 1-800-Flowers.com® will offer a variety of holiday-themed floral arrangements, gifts, experiences, and digital content to help customers celebrate. Additionally, the company is hosting an Instagram giveaway to win a cruise through Princess Cruises. 

1-800-Flowers.com will also offer digital content to help customers choose gifts, express love to their partner, and ways to make Valentine’s Day memorable. In addition to the wide selection of gifts, customers can save even more by joining the Celebrations Passport® loyalty program, gaining free shipping and earning points on every purchase. 


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