During the second general session of day two at Customer Expo 2018, Jim Noteboom, Senior Vice President of Loyalty & Customer Insights at Loblaw, shared how his company creates transformative changes in customer loyalty in Canada.
Noteboom claimed that through a long historic journey, Loblaw has managed to become a leader in food and pharmacy in Canada. Company sales have increased by $47 billion in the past few quarters. This all comes down to the core value of the company, which is “Passion for the Consumer.” With that tagline in mind, Loblaw has strived to expand digital retail, connect healthcare networks, and commit to consumer’s health.
Noteboom also spoke about the PC Optimum Program. In February 2018, Loblaw
merged two of Canada’s better-known rewards programs, Shoppers Optimum and PC Plus, into one, which created some turbulence for consumers. They were concerned that the already-strong programs would be changed beyond recognition.
However, organizational commitment to customer feedback enabled focused groups and VoC data to “drive the bus” of the program’s value equation. Customers wanted convenience and simplicity, two qualities that were delivered without question. Noteboom also said that the merger was a calculated risk, one that was worth taking.
With PC Optimum, consumers can get a distinct PC Optimum credit card, which enables them to claim unlimited rewards, including fuel points redemption at any Esso or Mobil station in Canada. Noteboom also noted that members love the program and that Loblaw will continue to create benefits for their consumers in the future.
Noteboom wrapped up the session with some key takeaways on making disruptive changes in customer loyalty. Brands should carefully listen to their customers, offer engagement channels based on customer preference, and create personalization and relevancy through simplicity and value.

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