Internal Mobile Mindshift Raises Brand Loyalty at Chick-fil-A

Since Chick-fil-A launched its mobile app in June 2016, a noticeable shift has occurred that has led to surging brand loyalty.

What’s more, Chick-fil-A recently partnered with Taplytics to further enhance the customer experience.

Loyalty360 talked to Jay Ramirez, Product Owner at Chick-fil-A, to find out more about Chick-fil-A’s customer experience/customer loyalty efforts.

When partnering with Taplytics, what were your goals from a customer engagement/customer experience perspective?

Ramirez: Through Taplytics, we used A/B testing to achieve overall goals and solve specific problems. Chick-fil-A’s app has the option to pay with a digital gift card, credit card, or through third-party payment options like Apple Pay and Visa Checkout. Even though paying by credit card was an option offered, we noticed poor usage rates and were receiving customer complaints.

We decided to use Taplytics A/B testing to revamp the screens in the app and change the user flow to verify a solution that offered a better experience for our customers. We implemented our app to provide a personalized and convenient experience to our customers. To achieve that experience, our goals were to increase the use of the credit card payment option and reduce the number of customer complaints. Within just a month of testing, we saw a significant statistical change in the number of users using the credit card payment option after implementing a new user flow than before.

How has mobile shifted your customers’ collective mindset and how has the company leveraged this to expand brand loyalty?

Ramirez: Since we launched our mobile app in June 2016, we have seen both user and sales growth. Now, our app is a central component to the overall experience we offer our customers. Our customers who use the app are more likely to keep using it and often order and spend more at Chick-fil-A than other customers. Moreover, we’ve made the mind-shift internally and our employees have become advocates to promote the app which has also increased mobile use and brand loyalty.

How sophisticated would you say your Customer Experience initiatives are?

Ramirez: There a number of ways in which we are trying to provide a great customer experience. Our initiatives offer a dining experience that is casual/relaxed and personalization, in-app rewards program that lets users redeem free food from three different options.

What does customer loyalty mean to Chick-fil-A and has that definition evolved in recent years?

Ramirez: We’ve always been customer-focused and have strived to offer the best service and experience to our customers. All of our initiatives align with this and we want to continue to build upon this to further enhance connections between our customers and our brand.

Regarding your customer-centric efforts, what are you most proud of?

Ramirez: We are most proud of enhancing the dining experience with the launch of our mobile app. By providing a convenient and personalized experience to our customers, we’ve seen tremendous growth. For example, our personalized rewards program is tailored to each person and learns their choices over time. Our app has also made for an easier ordering process as transaction times are lower for people using the app than when they wait in the restaurant. We’re constantly improving upon our efforts in hopes to offer the best customer experience possible.  

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