FRESNO, Calif., Sept. 15, 2011—From innovative rewards company, LifePays,  comes an exciting loyalty program that will help subscription-based enterprises attract and retain customers by enabling customers to convert lifestyle purchases into lower bills. LifePays’ Bill Credits program is the first loyalty program to focus on enabling users to lower their monthly subscription fees. “We are focused on giving our clients the ability to put the power of pricing in the hands of their customers.  When customers use the LifePays program, they reduce their bill,” says Kirk Nagamine, the President and CEO of LifePays, Inc.

LifePays is designed to help industries that have been struggling in recent years to reduce customer churn such as; Cable, Wireless, and other subscription-based service companies. How does it work? Subscription based companies make the LifePays Program available to their customers who can slash their bill three ways: 1. Trade unused gift cards to pay for their service. Currently, LifePays accepts trade-ins from over 400 national retailers. 2. Register their personal payment cards (Visa, MC,  Amex, Debit) in the program and shop within the LifePays network of thousands of online and brick and mortar merchants. 3. Purchase discounted deals from local and national merchants available on the LifePays site. These deals are updated frequently and offer users substantial discounts in addition to lowering their bills. “With flexibility and power built into our unique Bill Credits program we will continually add ways for consumers to convert their lifestyle purchases to extra cash so that our clients have the ability to offer their customers what they really want and that is a lower monthly bill,”  said Nagamine.

The Bill Credits program is a robust opportunity for companies to increase retention and customer satisfaction, leading to a sustainable competitive advantage.  For customers, it’s an exciting and simple way to save money without having to cut services such as cable, cell phone, or internet. For CEO Kirk Nagamine,  the new programs represent a convergence of technology: “LifePays has always been on the cutting edge of building consumer loyalty, and unique rewards programs; Shop and Earn; Hot Deals and Convert2Cash are programs that exemplify LifePays’ commitment to helping businesses engage consumers in a meaningful way while providing consumers with opportunities to save money.”

For more information about LifePays, please contact Chelsi Silva at 1.866.632.0191 X 105 or email

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