Guests are Lovin’ It! MyMcDonalds Loyalty Program an International Success

Richard Long is Senior Manager – Global Loyalty at McDonald’s, a finalist at this year’s Loyalty Expo for the 2022 Loyalty360 Awards in the Loyalty Program Design category.

Serving over 69 million customers a day in over 100 countries across nearly 38,000 locations takes a highly synergized approach. One of the challenges that McDonald’s faced was creating a loyalty program that would provide a consistent customer experience executed across the same technology stack while remaining flexible at the local level to adapt to global markets, whether company-owned, franchises or licensed locations. 

The MyMcDonalds loyalty program was quickly adopted by 33 million users in its first nine months. Technology was one reason for the successful launch, but employee engagement was key in getting customers excited. The crew training and onboarding program gave employees the tools and incentives to advocate the program and encourage customer engagement. In addition, Long created an ecosystem of knowledge sharing with the leaders across the organization to foster buy-in from not just the loyalty team, but from legal, technology, operations and finance to nurture a sense of community within MyMcDonald’s Rewards.

The company is leveraging the data collected from MyMcDonald’s loyalty program to provide more relevant and personalized experiences and build emotional connections with its customers.

Those in attendance will learn:

  • How McDonald’s approached building and launching the loyalty program.
  • What steps to take to understand consumer insights and build a deployment plan to engage employees
  • The importance of bringing owner-operators and other key stakeholders on board to support and advocate for the loyalty program
  • Creating a global loyalty program that is at once consistent across all channels and customizable at store level to meet unique market bases and the legal and fiscal requirements as well, what McDonald’s calls “freedom of the framework”
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