Former Best Buy CMO Set for Customer Loyalty Focus as New COO at Augeo

Scott Moore, former CMO at Best Buy, is excited about his new title as Chief Operating Officer at Augeo, one of America’s leading engagement and loyalty platform companies.

Moore most recently served as president of M32 Partners, a strategic consultancy advising companies in the AI, digital marketing, e-commerce, and consumer products sectors. Prior to M32, Moore led marketing for Best Buy during the first phase of the Renew Blue turnaround and served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Best Buy Mobile. 

In this newly created role, Moore will help accelerate Augeo’s impressive trajectory and work with the leadership team to unlock new value across key platforms including customer loyalty, employee incentives, and membership benefits. Moore will lead Augeo’s technology, operations, and strategic business development functions as the company positions itself for continued growth. He will also be responsible for the company’s advertising agency.

Loyalty360 caught up with Moore and Augeo CEO David Kristal to learn more about this new company development.

How has customer loyalty changed in recent years and how do you see employee incentives and member benefits fitting into the loyalty puzzle?
Moore: Loyalty has increased in importance in the marketing mix. For years, brands have talked about increasing customer lifetime value. With all the new digital capabilities that have emerged, brands are in a better position to do just that. In addition, there’s a real shift taking place: Businesses are thinking deeply about who their most important constituents are (customers, employees, and members) and what they can do to keep them engaged and delighted over time.

What are your top priorities as COO at Augeo?
Moore: Augeo is one of the best-kept secrets in the sector. It has amazing tools, teams, and technology that can help businesses connect more deeply with their most important constituents whether they are customers, employees, or members. My goal is to help the company do that more efficiently and effectively and to support new revenue growth.

What experience as CMO at Best Buy do you think bodes well for you in your new position?
Moore: Best Buy is an incredibly digital company. I bring practical experience in personalization, analytics, digital transformation, and leading large capabilities. In addition, I believe the customer or “end user” experience is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of business. I’ve spent the past 20 years obsessing about how to help brands build deeper relationships with their customers and I’m hoping this perspective will help me in this new role.

What are you most proud of from your time as CMO at Best Buy?
Moore: First off, I’m proud of the way my team responded during the first phase of the “Renew Blue” turnaround. There were a lot of people who questioned the entire company’s ability to respond to this perceived “existential threat.” We worked hard, persevered and ultimately, delivered. In addition, I would point to the work that the entire Best Buy Mobile team did to ensure that the company was in a position to help our customers take advantage of the smartphone revolution. Innovation is hard and that Mobile team really went above and beyond for our customers, employees, and shareholders.

Were acquisitions always part of your plan at Augeo and, if so, what have they done to impact the company in the past decade?
Kristal: Growth, in all of its (profitable) forms, has been our primary focus from the beginning. The last decade of 40 percent compounded annual growth reflects the intensity and creativity we bring to those strategies and paths which deliver acceleration. While organic efforts remain most important, we have found that acquisitions often bring great technology, terrific talent, and operating scale. Culturally, our leadership team is made up of resilient, eager, and inventive entrepreneurs. This alone contributes to our growth in ways we couldn’t begin to imagine when we started Augeo. 

Can you talk about Augeo’s phenomenal annual growth in the past 10 years and what factored into this achievement? 
Kristal: We often remind ourselves that the downfall of a magician is belief in his or her own magic.f
With this in mind, core to our growth has been taking great care of the many client relationships we are privileged to earn each year. We do not take a day off in this regard, and take nothing for granted. This is where our primary growth has come from, regularly bringing fresh ideas and thinking to ensure our existing platforms stay contemporary, on or ahead of trend and, most importantly, relevant to our clients’ needs. We also have had success in bringing our engagement strategy and functionality to new sectors, often leveraging existing technologies and software and advance them with a new or nuanced design framework.

How are customers changing and what has Augeo done to stay ahead of that curve?
Kristal: Across all sectors we support, the pace of change and the complexity of digital interactions between our clients and their constituents necessitate an “always on” attention to loyalty mega-trending-around mobility, sociability, proximity, business intelligence, and value delivery. Transactional and emotional connections with our clients’ customers and employees must be accentuated through group validating features in all of our platforms, a socially compelling experience, all driven by core client values. In the meantime, operationally, our everyday attention is on taking care of our clients’ objectives and treating, literally, every single one of their customers and employees as our most important priority at that moment in time. 

Scott Moore is your new COO. What prompted the creation of this new position and how can Scott impact Augeo’s future? 
Kristal: I have known Scott for many years and couldn’t be more excited to have him join Augeo. He brings large-scale operational intensity, deep experience in the retail and digital marketing sectors, thought leadership around engagement platforms and is persistent like an entrepreneur. Augeo is at a size and scale where we need the very best in leadership and thinking, and Scott brings that … and then some!

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