Food Lion Offers Instant-Savings for Healthy Eaters

It’s always great to see a program that engages consumers in a way that benefits both the consumers and the brand. Many Americans are becoming increasingly conscious of the nutritional benefits that come from a healthy diet, so it’s exciting to hear that there’s a program that offers consumers discounts for sticking to wholesome food choices.
Food Lion Virginia customers who are members of the brand’s Healthy Savings program are now able to save instantly at checkout on fresh produce, whole grains, lean meats, yogurts, and other items by using their Healthy Savings cards. Food Lion expects to expand the program to all its other stores in its remaining nine states within the next two weeks.
“Food Lion offers an expanded assortment of healthy products at affordable prices, and we are excited to offer additional savings on our already low prices to customers,” says Marty Miller, Food Lion Customer Loyalty Manager.
Healthy Savings is a high-engagement health and wellness program that seeks to help health insurers, employers, government entities, and nonprofits make healthier foods more affordable. Customers who already have a Healthy Savings card should present it at the register to immediately receive the additional savings. Customers can also present their card through the Healthy Savings mobile app. Using the mobile app also allows the customer to scan the barcode of an item to check if it qualifies.
“Healthy Savings members shop at stores where they can save on the healthier foods they seek,” says Chad Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer of Solutran, the company behind Healthy Savings. “The addition of Food Lion will give Healthy Savings members many more convenient locations to shop.”
This instant-savings campaigns nicely complements another Food Lion initiative, Food Lion Feeds. Loyalty360 discussed that program with Neil Norman, Director of Customer Loyalty and Shopper Marketing, and we saw that it has engaged Food Lion with local communities. Between Food Lion Feeds and Healthy Savings, the brand is establishing a social purpose and shows consumers that it is conscious of the health and wellbeing of the communities it serves, and that’s a winning strategy for customer retention.

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