DSW Partnership with Cobbler Direct Offers Shoe Repair Services

DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse has partnered with Cobblers Direct to offer shoe repair services in all its stores across the country. The program allows customers to scan a QR code at the store, place an order on a smart device, and then drop off their items to a DSW associate.

Cobbler’s Direct works directly with the customer to complete the repairs and returns the finished product to DSW for pick-up.

Repair services include heel cap and sole replacements, deep cleaning, and restoration, shines and refinishing, stretching, and dyeing, strap and hardware repair, and more. It will repair all shoe brands from any retailer.

“We want customers to enjoy and get the most out of their purchases, so if they ever need a product repair, DSW’s partnership with Cobblers Direct ensures convenient access to highly experienced and skilled repair services,” said Doug Howe, president of DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse, in a statement.

“We believe that repairing shoes, boots, and bags – and not throwing them away – will lead to a healthier planet and happier humanity,” Stephen Kelly, co-founder and CEO of Cobblers Direct, added. “Together with DSW, shoe lovers all over the country now have easy access to expert repair services so they can enjoy their beloved items once again.”

This new expanded service comes as the retailer rolls out a plan to optimize its stores as “fulfillment centers” and “platforms of discovery” for its company-owned and partner brands.

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