With all the recent talk of Millennials, other demographics seem to have fallen by the wayside as a topic of conversational focus. While the youngest generation is undoubtedly deserving of the spotlight from brands looking to usher in years of increased sales, another group is on the rise in grocery: Males. More and more men are becoming the primary shopper within the household, a role that had traditionally been occupied by females.
As this shift ripples through the world of CPG, Dr Pepper Snapple Group is looking to stay ahead of the curve through the use of persona-based segmentation. This was the topic of “Who is the Male Shopper?”, a session presented by Chris Corales, the brand’s Associate Manager of Shopper Insights, at Loyalty Expo 2016.
The significance of today’s male shopper is based upon an upward trend that has steadily increased over time. Almost a third of primary shoppers today are men, compared with 17% 30 years ago. This is due, in part, to the increased female presence in the workforce and the changing view of what it means to be a man, with half of males citing parenting abilities as a primary factor for defining “manhood.”
As more men step into the role of primary shopper, fascinating distinctions have become apparent. Men, for example, tend to shop more frequently than women, a statistic that is best framed with the preferred type of grocery shopping trip: Women prefer “stock-up trips” with the goal of fulfilling family needs for a week or more with a single trip. Men, on the other hand, shop with a “fill-in” mindset, replacing items as they’re depleted and requiring additional trips to the store.
To simplify the process of targeting the differing personalities of male shoppers, Dr Pepper Snapple created personas based on, of all things, sitcom dads.
Traditional Tim
Based on Home Improvement’s Tim Taylor, a “Traditional Tim” is the model of older men who are still part of the previous household model. These men view shopping as a chore, and primarily buy based on convenience and value. They typically shop alone, and generally go through every aisle when looking for groceries.
Passionate Phil
This persona is one who is the image of the traditional family man, much like Phil Dunphy of Modern Family fame. Passionate Phils hold the opposite mindset of Traditional Tim, and loves going shopping for his family. These shoppers are usually affected more by in-store displays, and also employ the use of technology before and during the shopping trip.
Reliant Raymond
Much like Ray Romano’s character from Everybody Loves Raymond, Reliant Raymonds base much of their habits on influence from others. These shoppers rarely shop alone and, instead, rely on cues from employees, in-store POS, technology, and family.
Deal-loving Dan
Modeled after Dan Conner from Roseanne, Deal-loving Dans are always on the hunt for the best deals and, while they enjoy the shopping experience, they prefer to go alone. Calmer than other personas, these shoppers are most affected by new packaging, which may entice them to try a new product.
In addition to targeting these personas, brands are now making a larger effort to include the male perspective in messaging that had previously been focused on female shoppers. More commercials now target fathers looking to provide for their family, as opposed to previous depictions of females as the exclusive nurturing presence.
A heightened male presence is already being acknowledged in some select grocery stores: Several H.E.B. locations have implemented a “Men’s Zone,” which includes flat screen TVs, sports programming, and interactive grooming tips to target the male shopper.
The male shopper segment is proving to be of growing concern for grocery chains, but with these methods of engagement in its arsenal, Dr Pepper Snapple seems to be well-equipped for the shift in demographic.

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