Customer Surveys Help The North Face Understand Behavior and Build Brand Loyalty

Brands seek benefits that help inform their long-term decisions when surveying their customers. Receiving feedback, after carefully listening to customers, goes a long way toward customer engagement and attaining brand loyalty.

Just ask The North Face.

“We survey our customers to get two things,” Ian Dewar, senior manager customer lifecycle, The North Face; and Monica Paul, loyalty program manager, The North Face, explained to Loyalty360. “The first is product feedback. We can reach out to key product purchasers when we want feedback on performance. This has been a useful tool for us. Second, we use surveys to help understand overall customer behavior. That is how we know most of our customers are active, where they like to shop, and what categories they say they are most likely to buy from The North Face.”  

The North Face recently earned a Silver Award in the Loyalty & Rewards Program category of the Loyalty360 Customer Loyalty Awards held at the 10th annual Loyalty Expo.

Effectively leveraging those insights is a huge task for brands.

“We are adapting to be where our most valuable customers are and expect to see us,” Dewar and Paul said. “We are leveraging social media as a digital extension to amplify our loyalty program’s benefits and perks and to drive acquisition and engagement.”

The primary objective of The North Face loyalty program, VIPeak Rewards, is to use relevant content and experiences to develop a deeper relationship with its customers. 

“We are seeing our efforts reflected in our business as well, with an increase in same-year repeat purchase and year-over-year repeat purchase,” Dewar and Paul explained. “For example, the overall rate of repeat (same year) for VIPeak members is about 20 percent higher and the overall repeat (year after year) of VIPeak customers is 50 percent higher than comparable non-VIP customers. Our primary measures of loyalty are engagement, channel performance, and repeat purchase.” 

Channel preference is a shift for both content delivery and purchase preferences.

“Customers are shifting more of their time to mobile so we are continuing to adjust our mobile offering to accommodate that,” Dewar and Paul said. “We have updated our TNF App to serve as a mobile wallet for VIPeak and made our rewards work with Google Wallet and Apple Pay. We are educating our retail associates about the consumer benefits of the VIPeak Rewards program and developing resources to help them build more in-depth relationships with their best customers, including activities that get customers outside. We are actively working with our stores and store associates to help build more of these customer engagement opportunities.”

What’s more, The North Face continues to push personalization and relevance in its messaging and engagement with customers.

“We’ll continue to improve on delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time,” Dewar and Paul added. “But overall, we are seeing that relevant messaging works to bring customers back more often. We’re also looking at more non-transactional behavioral data from events and other avenues, which will help us develop this personalization effort.”

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