Customer Engagement Becoming More of a Challenge Across All Industries

Kelly Koelliker, director, solutions marketing, Verint, told Loyalty360 that driving customer engagement is becoming more of a challenge for organizations of all sizes and industries.

“Every interaction with a customer is an information exchange,” Koelliker explained. “Organizations need an optimal way to find the right information at the right time, in an environment where customer issues can be extremely complex, and data can be scattered in a number of places.”

To help combat this challenge, Verint recently rolled out KM Pro–a public cloud-based set of KM features that puts enterprise-grade, scalable best practices into the hands of businesses of all sizes, offering a worthy, cost-effective investment that can reduce time to value.

Previously, comprehensive Knowledge Management (KM) systems were viewed as a ‘nice to have’ solution, but as customer service queries become more complex, employees on the front lines of any size business need to be helpful immediately. With a glut of information available, there is no reasonable way to train employees to have all the answers, leaving brand officials at a tipping point where KM becomes a ‘have to have’ to compete in today’s digital ecosystem. 

Therefore, there is a growing market demand for public cloud solutions as they make cloud-based resources more available to a wider audience.

What are Verint’s goals for the new solution from a customer engagement perspective?
Koelliker: Previously, many smaller organizations have had a real challenge here. They have relied on simpler solutions like content management or intranets. With Verint Knowledge Management Professional, even smaller organizations can have a single, robust repository to create, maintain, and access knowledge to quickly and accurately supply customers with the information they need.

Can you talk about the factors behind the creation of this solution?
Koelliker: Knowledge management has been a part of the Verint solutions portfolio for a very long time. The technology has helped many companies with complex operations improve the speed and quality of information they deliver to their customers. As a best practice, we believe offering a solution that is already pre-configured with the right components can help these and other organizations succeed. With this in mind, Verint Knowledge Management Professional helps customers see improvement much more quickly and at a lower cost.

How can the solution impact employee engagement, performance, and interactions with customers?
Koelliker: Today’s customer-facing employees have an extremely difficult job. Customer issues have risen in complexity, along with their expectations for immediate, accurate service. When an employee is unable to address a customer question quickly, it can lead to an extremely frustrating experience for all. By providing the needed information through knowledge management, employees can respond more efficiently and drive better customer satisfaction. In most organizations, management is striving to achieve improved quality of service for a lower cost—knowledge management is a solution that makes this possible.

What makes this solution so impactful?
Koelliker: Putting the right information into the hands of your employees at the right time can have a tremendous impact across a variety of metrics. Knowledge management can drive metrics around handle time, hold time, first contact resolution, training time, customer satisfaction, compliance, employee retention, revenue generation, and more. These improvements have historically only been accessible to larger organizations with more generous budgets. With the new Verint Knowledge Management Professional solution, companies of all sizes can positively impact their quality, consistency, and speed of their service.

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