Customer Expo 2018 hosted many leaders in industries ranging from hospitality to country music. Notable among the notables were representatives from CrowdTwist, a vendor with a proven track record in providing loyalty solutions to many of today’s leading brands. Among other awards, CrowdTwist took home the Platinum trophy for 360 Vendor of the Year.
Loyalty360’s Carly Stemmer sat down with Senior Vice President of Client Success, Rosanna Tirrito, to talk about her brand and what the Customer Expo awards meant to her team.
Could you give us a brief introduction to CrowdTwist?
CrowdTwist is a leading provider of multi-channel loyalty and engagement solutions. We’re an easy-to-use, fast platform with built-in capabilities and marketer-friendly tools, and able to track and incentivize all the ways a consumer can engage with a brand across their ecosystem. This allows the brand to develop better insights and learn more about the behavior of their consumers and allows the consumer to get a more personalized experience from their favorite brands.
Today, we work with clients across a number of verticals, including some spotlighted by Loyalty360: Budweiser, Pepsi, AMC, Sleep Number, and many others. We’re really proud of the work they’ve done and what they’ve put into their programs.
The results show that work. We’ve been able to see an increase in customer lifetime value; we’ve been able to drive incremental revenue; and the brands have expressed that they’ve been able to capture valuable insights that they’ve used in future decisions, internally. So, we’re really proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish.
Several CrowdTwist clients performed extremely well at this year’s Loyalty360 Customer Awards. Why do you believe that your solution yields such positive results for them?
I think it’s because our solution offers a two-pronged approach. First, from a strategy perspective, we spend a lot of time trying to understand the company’s business—what are there objectives—and how loyalty will impact those goals and objectives.
And then from there, we have our dedicated Client Success and Strategy Team, which spends time developing the value proposition and the overall construct and design of the program strategy—what types of activities are included, what types of rewards are going to be most valuable to their consumers.
And that work doesn’t end when a program launches. It continues throughout our entire relationship and the lifecycle of the program, so we’re constantly coming to the table with recommendations of what they can do to further improve the program and make it as cutting-edge as possible.
Secondly, we have our CrowdTwist platform, which as I mentioned is an easy-to-use, fast platform, but really, it’s easy to get into market. So, we’ve had clients launch in two to four months, and it’s really flexible, when they want to add a new activity or new reward to a campaign. It gets them to market quicker, and it’s flexible when they want to launch a new sweepstakes or a point-earning activity, like a survey, whenever it suits their needs.
When your team looks to design, build, and deploy a solution how do you ensure that it’s best-in-class and will deliver the desired results?
I definitely think that’s tied to our relationship with our clients and the clients’ success perspectives. We have a number of dedicated employees that work directly with our clients. We have regular touch-bases to measure the success and performance of the program.
If we’re starting to see that, maybe, engagement numbers are lower than they should be in a particular month, we always come to the table with recommendations and research on what else is happening in the industry. Again, this is to keep them on the cutting-edge.
We spend a lot of time on the analytics and helping the clients figure out how they can stand out from the crowd and how they can engage with our platform and existing capabilities. Or with tentpoles or others campaigns that they have internally, we figure out how we can continuously weave loyalty into that tapestry. It’s an on-going dialogue.
I would also say it’s the dedication that we have from our software team and our product team. They’re constantly looking for ways to be motivative with our platform. We release a new feature or functionality at least once a month. All of these are included with our licensing fees, so clients are able to use these new products and enhancements as soon as they’re ready to go.
I think the combination of those two and just coming to the table with recommendations allows us to be one of the best solutions in market to get our clients a successful and innovative program.
CrowdTwist was also a winner of several Loyalty360 Awards, including the Platinum 360 Vendor Award and Best-in-Class Technology. What did winning these awards (and seeing your several clients win, as well) mean for CrowdTwist?
It was such an honor; we were really surprised and really excited about the nominations, firstly. Also, being acknowledged as a leader in a technology space for loyalty and a vendor that clients really love to work with meant a lot to me. It’s because we’re passionate about the relationships we have with our clients.
As for our clients who performed well in the conference, every single client that we submitted was nominated as a finalist, so that was an achievement in its own right. And—the fact that several placed Platinum and Gold, and one placed Silver—we couldn’t be happier. We’re really excited to see what happens at next year’s conference.

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