Commitment to Customer Experience Excellence at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

From a strategic business perspective, changing focus can be a make or break maneuver that will either accelerate or diminish brand loyalty. For ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, a commitment to Customer Experience excellence has proven to be a positive game-changer.

“Our company has committed to a culture of “Service Excellence” and the impact on the CX has been phenomenal,” Bob Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, told Loyalty360. “We have developed training strategies to clarify policies, improve understanding, and be proactive in our guest service efforts instead of reactive. Our logging system allows us to track, evaluate, and save guest feedback making it easier to see trending issues and show changes in culture over time. By shifting our focus to guest service, we have seen an increase in compliments and better CX, both in stores and online.”

Orlando-based ABC Fine Wine & Spirits is Florida’s oldest and largest wine and spirits merchant with almost 150 stores throughout the state.

“We often need to consider the experience of the guest and try our best to understand what they expect from us as a retailer,” Gibson explained. “Then we think about how to raise those expectations and be the guest’s favorite retailer. We want them to look forward to any interaction they have with us, be it on the website, finding a product in the store, or planning a social event. We look to exceed expectations with every interaction we have, making the guest feel welcome and excited to return to our stores or website once again.”
Gibson said the company views Customer Experience as a whole and gathers information at every guest touch point.

“Guests are able to give feedback through social media, guest satisfaction surveys, calls, emails, and store interactions,” he added. “We do our best to log all interactions and try to get a round picture of what guests are experiencing at each location and at ABC in general. These interactions are given a numerical score to internally evaluate areas of improvement. They are also time-stamped to both track resolution progress and be referenced by different team members as needed.”

Leading by example is the key.

“We show our team members how to respond and engage guests by the interactions we have with them,” Gibson said. “We have an open door policy for issues and team members are encouraged to bring their ideas for improvement to the table as often as possible. After all, our team members have more contact with our guests every day. This makes them the experts and they are empowered to make decisions and help with special circumstances. This is a step above our competition, speaks to our brand, and what is expected when a guest interacts with any point of contact at ABC.”

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