CIBC Touts Customer Engagement Impact of Messaging for Facebook Messenger

Officials at CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) always are seeking new ways to augment the customer experience through technology, and they believe that extending virtual agents to Facebook Messaging makes sense.

Messaging for Facebook Messenger is touted as a first-of-its-kind solution that enables businesses to integrate both automated and live agent assistance within Facebook Messenger. For the first time, businesses can anticipate a customer’s true intent and determine in real-time whether to offer automated assistance through a chat bot or engage a live agent. 

“Our customers are provided instant, accurate information on their own terms and through their channel of choice,” Fraser Mackay, Vice President, eChannels Delivery at CIBC, told Loyalty360. “[24]7’s Virtual Agent delivers as it was designed for large businesses to provide instant, self-service solutions to consumers. Extending the technology to messaging platforms makes a lot of sense given the broad adoption those platforms are experiencing.”

Scott Horn, Chief Marketing Officer for [24]7, explained that the new messaging solution is part of the company’s “continuing effort to redefine the way businesses interact with consumers.”

Horn talked about the new messaging solution.

“We’re always looking for ways to meet customers where they are, predict what they want, and provide efficient service,” he explained. “Consumers don’t want more. They want fewer, better ways to connect with businesses. That’s why we’ve introduced [24]7 Messaging for Facebook Messenger, automated self-service technology that empowers businesses to anticipate and act on their consumers’ needs. [24]7 is the first company to offer automated self-service through an intelligent virtual agent within Messenger, along with easy escalation to a live chat agent when further assistance is needed. In the past year, we have witnessed the incredible evolution of messaging apps. Consumers can do everything from hailing an Uber to tracking the status of their latest purchase. The customer experience industry is making major advances in conversational technologies and chat bots that will become the starting point for almost all customer service interactions. Smart chat bot technology that delivers instant information, and knows when to transfer a consumer to a live agent, will make it even easier for businesses to provide efficient service within a convenient, user-friendly channel.”

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