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Loyalty360 is the professional association for loyalty marketers. We are committed to helping our members simplify the journey to customer loyalty. Members get access to our exclusive, market-driven and unbiased coverage of all facets of customer loyalty, including CRM, Customer Experience, Loyalty Programs, Brand Loyalty and Customer Engagement. Our members-only, peer-to-peer community enables members to connect with each other, network, share advice, news and insights.

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Loyalty360 Workshops Will Illuminate the Path to Customer Loyalty

The 8th annual Loyalty Expo presented by Loyalty360 – The Loyalty Marketers’ Association will present a host of workshops designed to help brands craft loyalty… Read More

Build Customer Engagement Strategies that Exceed the Exceptional With Loyalty360’s Workshops

Acquire the essential tools for effective customer engagement at the 8th annual Loyalty Expo presented by Loyalty360 – The Loyalty Marketers’ Association. Through a series of workshops designed… Read More

Why Marketers Should Focus on CX and Personalized Engagement Across the Customer Lifecycle

Companies lose more than $83 billion in revenue each year due to poor Customer Experience (CX). Marketing today is about much more than analyzing key metrics such as ROI and CPL. … Read More

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Our March Madness: Accountability, Shakespeare, Financial Services and Shi

Blink and you missed it, there goes March and at our headquarters in DC, finally an end to the snow and more importantly maybe an end to colleagues gloating that the weather outside their Tahzoo office was better than ours,… Read More

The Power of Goal Commitment

Want to know a great way to add to the motivating power of chocolate? Give it up for awhile. Every year for the season of Lent, I give up chocolate.  This is both a lesson in self-control and… Read More

3 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Effectiveness

Here are two email stats which reinforce the role of high value email as part of your mix; people who buy products via email spend 138% more than those who didn't receive email offers, and 44% of email… Read More

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  • Differentiation through Outstanding Customer Experience
    Differentiation through Outstanding Customer Experience

    In the 21st century, technological advances mean that for marketing and customer success teams,differentiation of goods, products and even…

  • 2015 Loyalty Report
    2015 Loyalty Report

    The 2015 Loyalty Report Loyalty is Changing, Are You Changing With It? The last year saw an increasing number of consumers…

  • How Surprise and Delight Amplifies Loyalty Marketing Strategies
    How Surprise and Delight Amplifies Loyalty Marketing Strategies

    Successful engagement and loyalty strategies require brands to keep things simple and relevant, and offer customers value. In…

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Nice job, Laura.  Adding 3rd party data to your customer file is table stakes in today’s marketing landscape.…