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    The Evolution of Loyalty Programming: BigDoor Weighs In

    By: Carly Schott, Loyalty360

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Loyalty360 and Aspire Lifestyles, Mastercard, R/GA Present: Best Practices for Reaching the Connected Traveler

Aspire Lifestyles, MasterCard and R/GA present a webinar highlighting how brands can successfully meet the needs of and connect with tech-savvy travelers Today’s connected consumer is turning… Read More

Jack in the Box Munchie Meal Builds Sky-High Millennial Loyalty

There’s a certain kind of hero that only appears when the sun goes down, and it’s not Batman (no offense to Batman). For Millennials, this late… Read More

Loyalty360 and Tahzoo Present: So You Want to Get Personal?

Tahzoo to present a webinar that demonstrates how companies can deliver highly relevant and personalized customer experiences in every channel Marketers know that they need to deliver highly relevant and… Read More

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The Effects of Choice Presentation on Consumer Satisfaction

If you’ve never lived in Boston, you might not understand the spectacle that is September 1st. It’s the day that most new leases start, which means it’s the day almost every person in the… Read More

Jimmy John’s Reports Data Breach

Jimmy John’s, the quick-serve sandwich chain with over 2,000 locations across the U.S., is the latest firm to announce a data breach. The company issued a statement that customer credit and debit card data was potentially… Read More

6 Critical Tips for App Personalization

Your customers don’t fit into a single mold, so why treat them like they do? It took a while, but marketers have come to realize that sending mass marketing messages via email destroys customer engagement and conversions. The… Read More

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