The split of Xerox into two separate entities entered the home stretch on Thursday, with the unveiling of the Conduent brand identity. The spin-off of Conduent came about as a result of the company’s desire to divide its document technology from its growing business processes business.
“Just the name Conduent, that unique coined term, represents the fact that we are helping to connect businesses of all types with their constituents,” Xerox CMO John Kennedy told Loyalty360. “And when we say constituents, we mean that in every sense of the word, whether its patients, commuters, or shoppers, human beings in all walks of life that are interacting with our products and services.”
The “new” company is already the biggest in the space: Conduent boasts $8 million in annual revenue and will be traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange separately from the Xerox brand.
Part of the challenge of corporate spin-offs such as this is the question of organizational alignment; these brands must quickly determine their goals, without the luxury of a ramp-up period afforded to companies built from the ground up.
This is a particular challenge for the structure of the Conduent brand, which previously consisted of numerous Xerox-associated companies that have now been brought together under one umbrella. Kennedy, however, notes that this alignment question is more of an opportunity than a hurdle.
“From what I’ve seen, employees are really excited about the promise of the new brand and the potential to be a part of an organization that is aligned under a single Conduent flag,” Kennedy said. “There’s a power that comes from creating a model in which these smaller businesses can perform but also allows for a better sharing of ideas and assets. This is a company with a tremendous number of technological assets, and by coming together as a single company, it lets us apply these assets in ways that hadn’t been possible previously.”
Whenever a brand as ubiquitous as Xerox splits off (or merges) to create another entity, there are bound to be questions regarding customer loyalty. With the creation of the Conduent brand, the company hopes to maintain its dominant position in the market.

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