Bilt Rewards Partners with Lyft, Expanding Benefits for Bilt Members

Bilt Rewards and Lyft announced a partnership to allow Bilt members to earn points when using the Lyft app. The partnership is designed to help Bilt loyalty members and Bilt Mastercard® cardholders to save on everyday expenses. 

To earn points during Lyft rides, Bilt members must link their Bilt Rewards and Lyft accounts in the Bilt Rewards app. Once the apps are linked, members will earn: 

  • 2x points on Lyft rides for Bilt Rewards members 

  • 5x points on Lyft rides for Bilt Mastercard® cardholders 

“Through our partnership with Lyft, we can now take transportation, another major everyday cost for our members, and turn that into a rewarding experience that gets members a step closer to booking their next vacation, workout class, or even putting a down payment on a home,” says Ankur Jain, Bilt Rewards Founder and CEO. 

In addition to earning points and discounts on Lyft rides, Bilt Rewards members can also earn on rent and other everyday expenses by using the free app. 


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