Best Buy Adds New Membership Tiers to Customer Loyalty Program

Best Buy announced new membership options, expanding its current customer loyalty program options. The My Best Buy Memberships™ give members control over the program that best fits their needs. 

The collection of memberships now includes: My Best Buy™, My Best Buy Plus™, and My Best Buy Total™. These memberships are priced respectively at free, $49.99/year, and $179.99/year and include the following benefits: 

My Best Buy™: 

  • Free shipping 

  • Access to purchase history, online order tracking, and up-to-date shipping info 

  • Quick checkout and item saving 

My Best Buy Plus™: 

  • All My Best Buy™ Perks 

  • Member-only prices 

  • Exclusive sales, events, and anticipated products 

  • Free 2-day shipping 

  • Extended return window 

My Best Buy Total™: 

  • All My Best Buy Plus™ Perks 

  • 24/7/365 access to Geek Squad® tech support 

  • VIP priority support with specially trained team for advice and customer service 

  • Up to two years of protection on Best Buy Purchases 

  • 20% off repairs 

  • Promotional service offers 

“We’ve learned a tremendous amount from our members over the last couple years, especially that different customers value very different benefits when it comes to their technology,” says Patrick McGinnis, SVP of Memberships at Best Buy. “Creating these new membership options allows us to be there for all of our customers in the ways that are most important to them.” 

Best Buy will launch the new memberships on Jun 27, 2023. As part of the launch, the Totaltech program will transition to My Best Buy Total™. 


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