Amazon Looks to Teenagers In Another Example of Keen Focus on Its Customers

Amazon has always been innovative, to say the least, and its latest initiative caters to teenagers.

Amazon introduced a convenient way for teenagers 13 through 17 years old to shop on Amazon with their own login. For the first time, teens can independently use the Amazon App, allowing them to shop or stream content while still keeping their parents informed. Parents can approve all orders or set pre-approved spending limits per order – offering teens a customized level of autonomy that can change and grow as they do. Teens and parents can learn more and sign-up at

“As a parent of a teen, I know how they crave independence, but at the same time that has to be balanced with the convenience and trust that parents need. We’ve listened to families and have built a great experience for both teens and parents,” said Michael Carr, Vice President, Amazon Households. “For teens who have a parent with a Prime membership, they can also access Prime benefits at no additional cost, including fast, free shipping, Prime Video and gaming benefits with Twitch Prime.”

When a teenager finds something they wish to order, they can place the order on the Amazon App, and parents will receive a text or email showing the item, cost, shipping address and payment information. The teen can also include a personalized note like, “this is the book I need for class.” The parent can approve the order by text or they can visit their orders page to review it in more detail. By default, parents approve every order. Parents can choose to skip the approval step and set pre-approved spending limits, offering teens the freedom to place orders up to a certain dollar amount on their own. Parents receive itemized notifications for every order and can cancel and return any item in accordance with Amazon’s policies.

Parents who have a Prime membership can share select benefits with their teen at no additional cost, including:

Prime Shipping: Unlimited fast, Free Two-Day Shipping on more than 50 million items

Prime Video: Unlimited access to tens of thousands of movies and TV shows

Twitch Prime: Free games and in-game loot, Twitch viewing benefits, and discounts on most pre-release boxed games

Evan Magliocca, brand marketing manager for Baseman Insights & Marketing, offered his thoughts on Amazon’s latest initiative to Loyalty360.

“Amazon’s new approach to membership is another example of its focus on the customer,” Magliocca said. “Amazon takes the time to listen and develop products most companies would find trivial or lacking ROI. But as a whole, those customer-centric projects add up to make Amazon so effective and puts it ahead of the rest of the industry.”

Magliocca added that everyone else is “definitely playing catch-up to Amazon. But more importantly, they don’t have the same mindset as Amazon. What might seem like a project that could lose money is successful to Amazon because it has a different lens that views those projects on a much longer scale. Amazon also has that luxury when most brands don’t because of its cash flow and status as an industry leader.” 

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