A full B2B track, including exclusive B2B networking sessions, is scheduled for the 3rd Annual Engagement & Experience Expo, presented by Loyalty 360 – The Loyalty Marketer’s Association, which will be held Nov. 5-7, 2013 at the Westin Galleria in Dallas, Texas.

Two examples of great B2B sessions Loyalty 360 has scheduled for the Engagement & Experience Expo are Hilton Worldwide’s “Driving Franchisee Engagement: A B2B Results Story,” and “Siemens Voice of the Customer – Engineering Innovative Experiences.”

In the “Driving Franchisee Engagement: A B2B Results Story,” session, Tracey Moss, the company’s Director of Owners Loyalty, will discuss how Hilton Worldwide and its nine hotel brands have transformed their global franchise owner relationships to build engagement with hotel owners all over the world. During this fascinating session, Moss will describe how Hilton Worldwide navigates its complex ownership relationships with 3,800 global properties, continues to drive overall growth, and delivers a personalized loyalty program to these critical stakeholders.

In her role, Moss introduced a globally recognized B2B loyalty program for the company’s 7,000 franchisees. Through the development of a unique CRM platform, she spearheaded the creation and launch of its premium club category, Owners Access. This launch was followed by other club tiers including HHonors Owners Diamond and Gold to recognize additional key stakeholders across all 10 Hilton Worldwide brands.

During Siemens’ Voice of the Customer session, attendees will learn about the intricacies of the company’s customer engagement journey in the past six years. Linette Myland, Marketing Manager for the Customer Excellence department of Siemens Industry, Inc., Building Technologies Division, will share the company’s four pillars comprising the initiative, effective communication strategies, and deliverable tactics that are generating a lot more than just “buzz” for the program – they are generating tangible results!

“We’ve been hearing a lot from B2B marketers and, in response to many requests for more B2B content, we're thrilled to announce the dedicated B2B track, plus the exclusive B2B networking event, that is scheduled for the upcoming  Engagement & Experience Expo,” shared Loyalty 360 President Erin Raese.

The Engagement & Experience Expo is designed to help brands discover how to optimize the customer experience and increase the impact of engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

Engagement & Experience Expo 2013 will focus on the following topics:

Customer Experience: Creating tailored and targeted customer experience structures and processes

Customer Engagement: Proven strategies for generating strong long-term customer, brand and channel engagement and advocacy

Customer Data: Identification and collection across mediums and channels for strategic analysis, segmentation and descriptive and predictive results

Customer Intelligence: Building it in a manner that creates advocacy and long-term positive behavioral influence

Emerging Technologies: Cross-over of new and traditional mediums to make the most of your overall customer-centric marketing initiatives

Social Media: Lessons learned, case studies and data-driven insights for today and the future

Mobile: Using it to enhance the customer experience, further build customer engagement and gain customer insight

ROI: Equating engagement strategies to incremental revenue and return on marketing investment

Voice of the Customer: Designing effective strategies for creating robust customer dialogues and gathering and listening to feedback.

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About Engagement & Experience Expo

Engagement & Experience Expo is a forum to openly discuss customer, brand and channel challenges and solutions. Discover how to optimize the customer experience at all touch-points and increase the impact of engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. Through a robust slate of best-in-class speakers and interactive discussions, attendees will learn about the latest theories, best practices, relevant case studies, emerging trends and strategies that drive measurable behavioral change and quantifiable results.

The 3rd annual Engagement & Experience Expo will be held Nov. 5-7, 2013, at the Westin Galleria in Dallas, Texas.


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