C-store industry leader 7-Eleven once again took advantage of its unique annual “7-Eleven Day,” and leveraged its mobile loyalty program to extend the promotions for its most dedicated customers. As with previous years, the brand used Monday (7/11, naturally) to engage customers both old and new with free Slurpees, the store’s signature frozen drink. Further leaning into its branding, the free drinks were offered from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. for an estimated total of nine million free drinks given out.
7-Eleven has long been the head of the pack when it comes to the convenience store vertical, thanks in large part to its unmatched branding and name recognition.
“Every year, 7‑Eleven Day gives us an opportunity to have some fun, say thank-you to our customers and celebrate our birthday Slurpee style,” said Laura Gordon, 7‑Eleven’s Vice President of Marketing and Brand Innovation. “This year is a big birthday for Slurpee, and a big year. One day, even one week, isn’t enough so we began celebrating in January and plan to keep it up until the end of the year.”
On top of the company’s traditional free Slurpees, 7-Eleven has gone above and beyond with an exclusive offer available through its 7Rewards loyalty program. Following the celebration on Monday, customers can use the 7/11 mobile app to register Slurpee purchases during the week of 7/12-7/18. After making seven of these purchases, customers receive, you guessed it, 11 additional free drinks. This represents an incredible amount of tangible value, and will likely cause a spike in 7Rewards downloads, thanks to the brand’s extensive advertising.
Beyond these traditional promotions, the convenience store chain is offering unique items as part of its 50th birthday celebration. Many of these items also incorporate the globally recognized menu item, including Slurpee-flavored lollipops, candy straws, Pop-Tarts, and even chapstick.
The 7-Eleven brand is largely targeted at a younger audience, engaging teenagers and young adults with its messaging, advertising, and overall product selection. Since 1927, the chain has used this identity to expand from one Dallas location into 59,000 stores around the world.

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