Thought Leadership Video Blog Phil Rubin, rDialogue

Through the Loyalty 360 Thought Leadership series we invite you to hear first-hand insights and perspectives from the thought leadership driving the customer engagement and loyalty industry today.

In this video blog, Mark Johnson, President and CEO of Loyalty 360 interviews Phil Rubin, CEO & President of rDialogue.

Phil has nearly 20 years of strategic marketing experience with an emphasis on loyalty and relationship marketing, integrated communications, partnership development, promotions and program development. He founded the loyalty practice at Loyaltyworks and led the spin-off in to rDialogue, where he has worked with clients including Sprint, Leading Hotels of the World, Kimpton Hotels, Caribou Coffee, Palm Restaurants, Merial and others.

Phil shares his perspective and best practice insight relating to the following topics:

·      What is the state of Marketing today including the unique opportunities and challenges for marketers?

·      In traditional push marketing we measured effectiveness by response rates and CPM's and the ability to hit as many eyeballs as possible to increase trial and conversion rates.  How is today different?  And how do you effect change with a CMO who still may be "push" focused?

·      How can social, mobile and other emerging technologies improve the customer experience today?

·      Loyalty 360 believes in a process of expectation matching; the understanding that the consumer’s expectation change based on their engagement with the brand and the stage of the consumer lifecycle with that brand? Marketers struggle with putting this ideal into practice?  What is your advice to marketers?

·      How do you believe we best create loyalty when so many of today's technologies are focused on mass acquisition?