The new addition to the series of Executive Perspectives Reports will detail key industry trends and challenges from the perspective of Loyalty360's supplier members.


Loyalty360, the association for customer loyalty, is proud to announce the release of its 2019 “State of the Industry Executive Perspectives Report.” This report—based on discussions with executives from several Loyalty360 supplier members—covers the hot topics and trends in customer loyalty today.

Throughout the Loyalty360 Executive Perspectives Report series, brands have repeatedly voiced interest in understanding the state of the customer loyalty industry—where the industry is headed, what the next “big thing” in the industry is, and what brands should be preparing for. In an effort to meet this interest, Loyalty360’s latest paper has a different spin, in that Loyalty360 has asked technology and service provider experts where they believe the industry is going and what brands can do to adapt. The report that Loyalty360 has generated from these discussions offers marketers insight into customer loyalty trends and developments.

This is another in Loyalty360’s series of qualitative research reports from technology suppliers. It therefore offers a unique perspective for companies working in the customer loyalty space. It details how vendors believe the industry has changed, what its future will be, what the next big thing will be, and what role personalization will play going forward.

The ideas offered in the State of the Industry Report couldn’t come at a better time. In just the past 12 months, brands have faced a slew of new challenges: changing customer expectations, data breaches, disruptive technology, and a new demand for social responsibility (to name just a few). For a variety of factors, getting a solid understanding of the customer loyalty space in this environment has been very difficult. Loyalty360’s State of the Industry Executive Perspectives Report helps brands reach this understanding.

“Our 2019 State of the Industry Report features a collection of invaluable insights from some of the best minds in customer loyalty,” says Mark Johnson, CEO, Loyalty360. “The Loyalty360 supplier member community includes an unmatched network of technology and service providers that are on the frontlines helping brands build long-term customer loyalty and memorable customer experiences day in, day out. We are proud to share their thoughts through this report.”

“With the marketing landscape becoming more complex, crowded, and competitive, customer loyalty has never mattered more,” says Guy Cierzan, Managing Partner, ICF Next. “Experiences and meaningful interactions that foster loyalty and advocacy as an outcome are becoming increasingly paramount for brands to get right. The insights in the 2019 State of the Industry Report will help steward brands along their customer journeys.”

“True customer loyalty is an outcome, or better yet, a result of what happens when a brand connects with the customer to establish perceived value and an exceptional customer experience,” says Jeff Sopko, President of Baesman Insights & Marketing. “Loyalty takes commitment from leadership and the ability to unlock actionable behavioral insights. Customer loyalty is not merely a technology solution or points engine. Brands that understand it’s always about the customer and demonstrate their willingness to align to customer needs will realize their true potential.”

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