Now more than ever, marketers across all industries find themselves being pulled in countless directions all at once. Operating a loyalty program is a constant balancing act, and adapting to the ever-changing world of customer loyalty can often feel like a monumental hurdle between your strategy and the impact that comes with an engaged and loyal consumer base.
Join Maritz thought leaders Barry Kirk, VP of Loyalty Strategy, and Jesse Wolfersberger, Senior Director of Decision Sciences, as they share with attendees the advantages and opportunities in merging the trends of Loyalty Experience (LXTM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to disrupt the traditional loyalty paradigm. Powered by Loyalty360, the webinar is free to attend and will be held at 1pm on Tuesday, April 10th.
“As artificial intelligence continues to permeate all facets of marketing, it has proven to be a critical tool in creating customer loyalty,” said Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360. “We look forward to hearing from Maritz about how the combination of AI and loyalty experience can take a brand’s loyalty efforts to new heights.”
Register now for “LXTM+ AI: The Four Letters That Will Super-Charge Your Loyalty Strategy in 2018,” and in addition to the live presentation, you’ll also receive a complimentary recording of the webinar following its completion. For more information or to register for the webinar, click here.
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Maritz Motivation Solutions is part of the Maritz family of companies which have been providing corporations with compelling loyalty and incentive solutions for more than 100 years. Maritz is a market leader in driving customer growth and retention solutions for U.S.-based and global companies. Our full-service customer loyalty solution provides decision sciences, platform technology, creative and reward fulfillment services through a strategic Multi-Loyalty Framework that both engages consumers and delivers a sustainable ROI.

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