Webinar to take place at 1pm ET on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

It’s 2018 – do you know where your loyalty strategy is? 

If you’re like most marketers that own a loyalty program, you struggle daily with balancing program efficiency and ROI versus staying competitive and relevant in an ever-shifting consumer landscape.  You only have so much bandwidth to address the evolution of your program, so where should you focus?

The answer lies in two emerging and intertwined trends – Loyalty Experience (LX) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). As consumers demand more from their interactions with brands, innovation is going to require more than a tweaks to the mechanics of the traditional loyalty program. LX and AI provide the sign-posts to shifting your loyalty strategy. Focus these disciplines in the right way and you’ll have a loyalty offering that is both more emotionally engaging and increasingly more responsive to your customers needs (even those they’ve never explicitly shared!), resulting in incremental benefits to your program’s ROI.

In this webinar we’ll explore:

  • What is causing the fatigue in our traditional loyalty program approach?
  • What is the behavioral science rationale for moving from loyalty “program” to loyalty “experience?”    
  • What are the best applications of AI to building that better loyalty experience?
  • What is the ROI of combining LX + AI - including a case study!


Barry_Maritz_New.jpgBarry Kirk
VP of Loyalty Strategy
Maritz Motivation Solutions

Barry Kirk is VP of Loyalty Strategy for Maritz Motivation Solutions and a very active speaker, blogger and workshop leader in the loyalty industry.  Barry is the originator of the “Multi-Loyalty Framework” for customer engagement and an evangelist of the notion that “Consumers are human beings first.” As a tiki enthusiast, he is anxiously awaiting the creation of a tiki loyalty program.  Follow Barry on Twitter at @barrykirk.

Jesse_Maritz_175.jpgJesse Wolfersberger
Senior Director, Decision Sciences
Maritz Motivation Solutions

Jesse Wolfersberger leads the Decision Sciences team for Maritz Motivation Solutions. Jesse is a data scientist who specializes in merging the fields of behavioral science and artificial intelligence. In his free time, Jesse enjoys using his data skills in the baseball world, where he has written for The Hardball Times and FanGraphs.com, and consults for a Major League team.