For all the different perspectives in loyalty marketing, there is one thing upon which all organizations can agree: the industry is changing, and some brands are soon to be left behind. Part of this change is found in the way that these companies initiate and measure change: Customer experience has evolved beyond surveys and basic metrics, and CX has transformed into a comprehensive driver of change.  This shift is far from easy, but is a crucial piece of bringing customer experience into this new era of customer loyalty.
This is the topic of “CX: The Art of the Possible,” a webinar from InMoment at 1pm on Tuesday, July 18th.  Powered by Loyalty360, the webinar will feature insight from Eric Dietz, InMoment’s Vice President of Business Solutions. Dietz will explain to attendees the process by which customer insight can be collected and translated into an enhanced customer experience. The shift isn’t a simple process, and requires effective use of both human and technology resources, but the resulting boost in customer satisfaction and loyalty have proven to be more than worth the journey.
“Customer experience, in one form or another, has been a consideration of companies for decades. This makes the current shift in the industry landscape even more important for brands to understand; those that aren’t able to keep up with the changes will inevitably fall behind the pack in the minds of consumers,” said Mark Johnson, CEO & CMO of Loyalty360.
Join InMoment and Loyalty360 Tuesday, July 18th for this unique perspective into the new look of customer experience, and how your company can get there. The presentation will be a can’t-miss experience for any marketer looking to bring their organization up to date with this paradigm shift in customer experience.
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