Personalized Customer Engagement Shines as SundaySky Eclipses 500 million SmartVideos Milestone

  • January 11 2016
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Steve Taggart, Loyalty360

Personalization continues to be a hot topic in loyalty marketing, and if SundaySky’s success is any indicator, the trend shows no signs of slowing. In creating personalized SmartVideos, the company allows clients to engage with customers at...Read More

Excellent Customer Experience Translates to Brand Loyalty

  • May 28 2013
  • Resource: Daily News
  • By Jim Tierney, Loyalty 360

According to a recent report issued by industry analyst Forrester, customer experience is directly linked to customer loyalty for 55% of bank patrons and 46% of retail shoppers. The message here for brands is simple: Get your customer experience...Read More

SundaySky's Personalized Videos Boost Sales Threefold

  • May 06 2013
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Tova Cohen, Reuters

TEL AVIV (Reuters) - SundaySky expects its sales to triple annually as companies increasingly use personalized videos to win over new customers and retain existing ones. The U.S.-Israeli company's videos not only speak to a customer by name...Read More

Contextualized Video Can Foster Deeper Engagement and Loyalty

  • March 25 2013
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Jim Tierney, Loyalty 360

ORLANDO -- Jim Dicso, President and Chief Revenue Officer, Sunday Sky, told attendees at the 6th annual Loyalty Expo on Friday that contextualized video speaks to the “notion of a conversation with customers.” During the session...Read More