Zinrelo Focuses on 360-Degree Customer Engagement

Zinrelo is a technology company that specializes in loyalty rewards programs.

Samir Palnitkar is the founder of Zinrelo and a serial entrepreneur who has executed four successful startups prior to Zinrelo. He has more than 20 years of industry experience, has been awarded five technology patents, and has written two technical books.

Palnitkar talked to Loyalty360 about how his company helps brands with loyalty programs and the overarching concept of customer loyalty.

Why would a customer be more likely to be loyal to your brand, or your brand promise? What makes your loyalty program/customer loyalty focus unique?
Palnitkar: Zinrelo’s enterprise grade loyalty rewards program helps to maximize per-customer revenue through 360-degree customer engagement. Zinrelo supports omnichannel interfaces including desktop web, mobile web, mobile apps, and in-store engagements.

Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards program enables brands to:

- Boost per-customer revenue by 2.4 times

- Increase repeat sales frequency by 80 percent

- Improve average order value by 33 percent

Zinrelo’s loyalty program helps brands turn their shoppers into loyal customers and is a fully featured enterprise grade platform. Brands can add custom activities and engage their customers in 10+ ways using the loyalty program. Zinrelo’s powerful business rules engine helps brands build sophisticated reward scenarios that can maximize user engagement.

For example: Reward 10X points for Category = SHOES; Double the referral reward points if the referred purchase order value is greater than $300;

Some of Zinrelo’s customers that have benefited from this program are Jelly Belly, Sigma Beauty, Work n Gear, Predator Nutrition, and HobbyTron.

What is new different with your program? Why did you decide to change?
Palnitkar: Five features that make Zinrelo’s loyalty program unique to brands:

Powerful Business Rules Engine
A powerful business rules engine enables brands to change points mechanisms on the fly and offer promotions on special days, weekends or for a special category of products.

Omnichannel support
Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards program can be deployed seamlessly across desktop web, mobile web, mobile apps and brick-and-mortar store environments. A mobile SDK is available to integrate the loyalty rewards program in your Android or iOS app.

ROI driven program
Most loyalty programs don’t measure ROI. Zinrelo’s result-driven program has helped many brands increase repeat sales and boost per-customer revenue through 360-degree engagement. One of our customers, Predator Nutrition, an online sports nutrition brand in the U.K., achieved a 33 percent increase in average order value using Zinrelo’s loyalty program

Quick Deployment
Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards program is hassle-free and easy to deploy. Within a few minutes, brands can launch their loyalty program and start rewarding points to customers for various activities.  

Pay-as-you-go pricing model
Zinrelo offers attractive pay-as-you-go pricing. The pricing tiers are a combination of the features and the number of enrolled members. Brands can get started for free and engage their customers in 10+ built-in activities.

What does Customer Loyalty mean to you/your organization? 
Palnitkar: Customer loyalty means customers choosing one brand over the others and sticking to the brand of choice either due to satisfaction of the product or service or because of the performance of the brand. Customer loyalty is when customers continue to consistently purchase a certain product or use a service of a brand over an extended period of time.

Customer loyalty to Zinrelo is about maximizing customer engagement, retention, and revenue. Today, modern shoppers don’t just buy from businesses–they also share their opinions on Facebook, tweet about their experiences, share pictures on Instagram, write reviews, ask/answer questions, recommend products to their friends, and more. At Zinrelo, we encourage brands to engage with their customers at all touch points of their journey and reward them for, not only purchases but all-around, 360-degree engagement. 

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