Zinrelo Boosts Loyalty for Wrigleyville Sports

We all know that loyalty programs help boost customer retention and lifetime spend. What often goes unconsidered is that they also contribute to the bottom line by connecting the dots of customer behavior. To outperform in all these areas, Wrigleyville Sports, which offers a host of Chicago Cubs licensed items, has implemented Zinrelo’s technology to run its loyalty rewards program.
Wrigleyville is using the Zinrelo suite of solutions to improve several KPIs, one of which is email open rate. The company has seen that emails sent via Zinrelo get an open rate of 75 percent and a click rate of 16 percent, compared to 10 percent open rate and 0.5 percent click rates for normal email campaigns.
Zinrelo’s data team recently provided a thorough data analysis to Wrigleyville and offered recommendations to make customers happier and increase loyalty. For example, Zinrelo discovered that Wrigleyville customers spent 14 percent more on their second order compared to the first and 44 percent more on their third order compared to the first.
The biggest drop off was seen after the first purchase. An important insight was that the third purchase was the point at which customers began to remain loyal to the Wrigleyville brand, very rarely switching to a competitor afterward. Therefore, the Zinrelo data team recommended that Wrigleyville should offer customers a higher reward after the first purchase to encourage the second and third purchases.
With this new insight, the company modified its loyalty rewards program so that many more of the purchasers would be eligible for a reward after their first purchase. Wrigleyville expects this new strategy to deliver a five percent increase in customer retention.
“A loyalty rewards program gives our customers increased incentive to come back for more,” says Eric Castellucci, Marketing Director for Wrigleyville Sports. “We now incentivize 35 percent more customers immediately after their first purchase to get them to their second and third purchase. We want our customers to get to three purchases so that they can become a long-term loyal customer.”
Samir Palnitkar, Vice President of Customer Success at Zinrelo, added, “Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards program is helping businesses to reach out and make deeper long-lasting connections with their customers. Loyalty ensures that customers do not go to competition, and this results in repeat business. We are empowering businesses to create personalized loyalty rewards programs with ease.”
The Zinrelo-Wrigleyville venture serves as an excellent example of what a data-minded brand can do with a full-service tech provider.

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