Zigglio Bridges Gap Between Offline, Online Marketing and Elevates Customer Engagement

Leighton Scarlett, VP of Product at Zigglio, the behavioral retargeting ad company that lets brands retarget their inbound callers on social media, told Loyalty360 that the company’s mission is to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing.

That mission, which is ongoing, has led to notable innovation and successl so far, evidenced by Zigglio being named Facebook’s 2017 Accelerator Program winner.

What is Zigglio all about and how did it create such positive disruption?

Scarlett shared the genesis of Zigglio.

“While conducting research for a B2C client that relies heavily on inbound calls to drive appointments and sales, we discovered that only 10 percent of their calls resulted in a booked appointment,” Scarlett explained. “Our research led us to consider retargeting ads as a strategy to solve the problem. Research shows that website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70 percent more likely to convert. With that knowledge, we set out to develop a method of retargeting callers in much the same way brands currently retarget their website visitors. We saw this as an amazing opportunity, not only for our client, but for all businesses that are dependent on converting callers into paying customers. What’s compelling about Zigglio is the fact that it works anywhere you advertise your phone number, on TV, radio, billboards, online ads, you name it. There is no need for your callers to interact with your website for our technology to work.”

Zigglio’s effective and easy-to-use technology seamlessly creates and updates segmented custom audiences using inbound caller data, allowing companies to increase conversion rates and, ultimately, driving appointments and sales by remaining in front of prospects–while they’re still in buying mode–with retargeted ads.  

Scarlett discussed the specifics of how Zigglio works.

“Each time you receive a phone call from a prospective customer, Zigglio does an advanced caller ID lookup of the caller to source up to 25 additional data points about the caller,” he explained. “We then use that data to create and update segmented, high match rate custom audiences on Facebook. Your Zigglio built custom audiences can then be used to generate more appointments by leveraging Facebook Lead Ads to collect customer data. This data can be posted directly to your CRM for follow up to confirm appointment dates along with any other information pertinent to the meeting.”

Zigglio’s advanced method of building Facebook custom audiences yields an 80 percent match rate on average when compared to traditional post batch methods of creating custom audiences, which typically yield a 60 percent match rate, Scarlett noted.

“Zigglio automatically updates your custom audiences in near real time, thereby allowing you to retarget your callers when it matters most, when they are still in buying mode,” Scarlett said. “Our approach is to simplify the process of converting callers into paying customers. Integrating with Zigglio takes a matter of minutes, not days. There is no need for technical development. This allows marketers to quickly dive in and do what they do best without any delays or restrictions. In short, Zigglio is really easy to use and is constantly evolving to meet the demands of savvy marketers who want to stay ahead of the curve.”

What’s more, Scarlett said, that plays directly into Zigglio’s use of artificial intelligence and social media to find and segment callers by keywords mentioned during the call.

“Social media sites such as Facebook and its broad reach allows us to achieve these results consistently and at an exceptionally high match rate,” he explained. “The bottom line is social media plays an integral role in our business model.”

Scarlett talked about innovation.

“It means we are driving true value for our customers and, in turn, their customers and our partners and vendors are seeing that,” he said. “Being selected as winners of Facebook’s 2017 Accelerator program is a major accomplishment for us. Being recognized as innovators further validates our product offering and has presented exciting opportunities that we are currently taking advantage of. Disruption is the introduction of technology that triggers a whole new way of problem solving. It forces the user to radically change the way they think. This new way of thinking acts as a catalyst for growth, for innovation.”

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