2016 Brand Loyalty MistakesAs 2015 draws to a close, marketers are keeping both eyes out for what new trends the coming year will bring.  Customer Communications Group, Inc. (CCG) may not have a crystal ball, but in a new report from the company, they share 10 things to avoid in building customer loyalty. Avoiding these pitfalls can go a long way in building a better rewards program and increasing customer engagement in 2016.

1.Ignoring the Big Picture

When developing a plan for brand messaging, it’s easy to get caught up in details and lose sight of the campaign’s overarching themes. Remember to take a step back and keep the big picture in mind.

2.Focusing Solely on the Sell

Blast messages and broad discounts are nice, but they don’t have the same effect as data-driven personalized interaction. Use what you know about your customers to provide a customized, personal experience.

3.Not Using Data to Maximize Loyalty

Big data is considered valuable for a reason; find ways to use the data you have to build connections and increase customer engagement.2016 Brand Loyalty

4.Taking No for an Answer

Creating change within the marketing department can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Use relevant research and statistics to support your plan for effective messaging.

5.Letting Good Rewards Go Bad

Engage your customers with messaging to increase engagement and strengthen loyalty redemption rates.

6.Breaking Badly

Good breakage is when members are passively participating in your loyalty program and don’t think to redeem. Bad breakage is when customers become frustrated with the program and don’t think redeeming is worth the trouble. Know the difference between the two, and analyze breakage data accordingly.

7.Ignoring Millenials

As the fastest growing segment of consumers, Millennials should be a huge concern for marketing departments. Use personalized content and responsive design elements to engage the new generation and maximize loyalty with a younger audience.

8.Under-Emphasizing the Reward Moment

Getting free stuff is always awesome, and a good loyalty program emphasizes this fact at the point of redemption. By making the reward feel special, you encourage customers to continue their engagement with the program.

9.Assuming Your Customers Will Shop with You Anyway

Shoppers are being offered more options now than ever before. With so many choices about where to spend, loyalty can be the difference between scoring a long-time customer and losing out to one of countless other brands.

10.Not Giving Status Updates

When customers lose track of how they’re doing within a loyalty program, they lose interest. Make sure your members are regularly updated about how they can engage with your rewards.

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