While Verizon Wireless reported fewer net subscriber adds in the second quarter compared to the first, the carrier reduced its churn rate as it increased its data revenue. Churn, baby, churn.

Although Verizon does not have the iPhone, a device that has helped AT&T close the gap between the top two carriers’ churn rates, it does have its stable of Droid devices. The iPhone and Android-based smartphones appeal to a similar demographic and each leads to increased data consumption for its respective carrier.

“Verizon Wireless continued to have the best churn rates in the industry again in the second quarter, which is a key gauge of customer loyalty,” said Nancy Stark, spokeswoman at Verizon Wireless, Basking Ridge, NJ. “Moreover, our churn levels are the lowest they have been in nearly two years.

“Verizon Wireless has the largest, most reliable voice and data network in the U.S., a key factor in customer loyalty,” she said. “That is because, whether sophisticated or basic, devices and applications are only as good as the network they’re on.

“This reputation for network quality, coupled with our wide choice of smartphones, operating systems and exclusive apps like NFL Mobile and Skype Mobile all contribute to earning our customers’ loyalty.”

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