Wells Fargo Always Strives to “Wow” Customers

When a Wells Fargo customer uses his or her ATM card on their birthday, they receive a “Happy Birthday” message. It might seem like a small, innocent gesture, but according to Jamie Moldafsky, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Wells Fargo, it’s that type of interaction that helps create and foster an ongoing “wow” customer experience.

“We want to acknowledge your birthday and let you know we hope you have a great day,” Moldafsky said Tuesday during her session at Forrester Research’s “Boost Your Customer Experience to the Next Level” Forum at the New York Marriott Marquis.

“We want to create a smile when someone engages with us,” Moldafsky said. “Creating a great experience matters and drives new consideration and increases our customer loyalty.”

Moldafsky said that serving up memorable customer experiences helps strengthen the brand, enhances efficiency, and creates differentiation. Wells Fargo has 70 million customers, 270,000 team members, and completes 5.5 billion transactions per year.

“Understand the customer journey, and measure processes and outcomes,” she said. “Define signature moments in every transaction and communicate a road map.”

Wells Fargo’s “True North” revolves around vision and values, Moldafsky said.

“Know your customer,” she said. “We conduct extensive customer research. Treat them with kindness and respect. Be human and genuine. Apologize when you make mistakes.”

What’s more, Moldafsky said engaging team members is absolutely crucial in maintaining and enhancing the overall customer experience.

“Help them focus on their financial successes so it’s easier for them to advise customers,” she said. “Everyone has a role and there are guiding principles in place supporting the corporate culture.”

Design and measurement are keys to providing memorable customer experiences, Moldafsky said, because it’s “a journey, not a destination. Leadership is important. Our CEO’s No. 1 priority is placing customers first. Show that you care.”

Moldafsky acknowledged that Wells Fargo “can’t do everything for everybody, but tailor the experience to 1-to-1 and look at metrics across all channels. Customer experience is deeply rooted in understanding and knowing your customers. It’s what keeps people engaged. At the heart of what we do is driving a great customer experience.”

What’s next for Wells Fargo?

“Not any one thing,” Moldafsky said. “We want to help people have success financially and focus on that. We want to focus on the overall lifecycle of the customer.”

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