INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 23, 2012—Indianapolis-based consulting firm Walker has released updates to Walker Link Mobile, and has also created a mobile version of their survey system.

Walker Link Mobile is a complement to Walker Link – an online application that links busy account managers to feedback provided by the customers they serve. This application is now available on most mobile phone platforms, giving account managers immediate access to customer information which allows them to be more responsive to their customers’ needs. Updates also include a powerful, enhanced user interface, which includes the ability to manage follow-up and enhanced search capabilities.

Walker’s mobile survey now gives clients the option to offer surveys specifically formatted for mobile devices, creating another way to collect customer feedback.

“We know mobile devices are an important business tool, and we plan to continue to invest in mobile technology,” Mike Grindstaff, Walker’s IT product portfolio manager said.  “Our plan is to continue to develop successful applications for customer feedback because we believe it’s critical to business relationships.”

About Walker

Walker is a privately held consulting firm specializing in customer and employee strategies. Helping businesses for 70 years, Walker’s diverse team of consultants provides tailored, comprehensive solutions to help companies achieve their business objectives and grow shareholder value. Walker specializes in customer loyalty and related customer strategies, including innovative approaches to segmenting, valuing, obtaining, serving, and retaining customers. Walker works with some of the world’s most influential businesses as well as emerging organizations of all sizes. For more information, please visit

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