Wag! Launches Stock Donation Program for Pet Charities

Wag!, an American pet services marketplace company powering a mobile-first technology platform that enables on-demand and scheduled dog walking, training, and other pet care services, announced the launch of its Wag! Community Shares Program.

Wag! is pioneering a new method of charitable giving for the community of pet caregivers and for domestic pet nonprofit organizations and will reserve up to 300,000 shares of common stock for the program to be arranged through and administered by Robinhood Financial LLC and DonateStock.

The new Community Shares Program builds on the company’s commitment to charitable giving and furthers Wag!’s support of nonprofit pet organizations. Wag! will also include the community of pet caregivers on the Wag! Platform in the Community Shares Program.

“As we work towards becoming a publicly-traded company, we are thrilled to launch a first-of-its-kind stock donation program for pet caregivers and nonprofit organizations in the U.S.,” said Garrett Smallwood, CEO of Wag! “The community of pet caregivers has been key for our continued growth and success and we look forward to having the opportunity to offer this unique benefit to them as Wag! Stockholders thanks to our work with Robinhood and DonateStock.”

“Robinhood was founded on the belief that everyone, both investing newcomers and experts alike, should have access to the financial markets,” said Steve Quirk, Chief Brokerage Officer at Robinhood. “We are thrilled to help Wag! distribute stock to pet caregivers, as it aligns closely with our mission to democratize finance for all.”

“We are excited to play a key role in this ground-breaking initiative to use common stock to support domestic pet nonprofits at scale,” said Steve Latham, CEO and Co-Founder of DonateStock, Inc. “Our mission is to democratize charitable stock gifting. By allocating stock to more than 500 pet nonprofits, Wag! is expanding the definition of what that means.”

Wag! intends to offer common stock to two groups in the program, allocating up to 150,000 shares of common stock to eligible pet caregivers and up to 150,000 shares of common stock to eligible domestic pet nonprofit organizations.

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