trivago logo customer serviceWith so many discount travel websites vying for customer engagement and customer loyalty, it’s all too important to listen – even when it’s about a spokesperson’s wrinkled shirt.

After receiving complaints and general sarcastic commentary about how the actor who appears on Trivago’s commercials looked - disheveled and well-traveled (or maybe well-worn) - the German discount hotel site listened to its customer, and revealed this week the Trivago guy’s new look.

A makeover seemed inevitable considering tweets like this one:

“Whenever I feel scruffy, out of shape, or just generally down, I remind myself THIS guy is on TV #trivago.”

And this one: “Weird branding- overwhelming responses for travel site #Trivago is guy on commercials looks like a bum & damages the brand”

The Trivago guy was even the subject of YouTube parodies and Halloween costumes. Funny perhaps – but not funny enough to stop Trivago from giving serious thought to changing his appearance.

“We’ve heard your cries, America. You think Trivago guy needs a makeover,” Trivago said in a release announcing the #trivagoGuy contest that awarded one contestant with a trip to Berlin and an opportunity to makeover the actor in the commercials, Tim Williams.

In late August Trivago announced that the makeover honor went to Atlanta-based stylist Aaron Marino, who promised to take Williams “from bum to brilliant.” Marino proposed the clothing ensemble that Trivago – and Williams – liked the best.

Thanks to Marino, gone are the looks that drew harsh criticism. In Williams’ reprised role as Trivago guy his hair is cropped short, his five o’clock shadow looks fashionable, and his shirt isn’t wrinkled.

"We couldn't be more pleased with the initial response to the Makeover #trivagoGuy contest and release of our first commercial featuring a newly styled Tim Williams,” Jon Eichelberger, regional manager for Trivago North America, told Loyalty360. “Our goal from the beginning has been to inform Americans that can save them time and money, regardless of who they are. That's why we presented Tim as a casual, laid-back guy who you might run into at the grocery store. We were more than happy to listen to what people were saying on social media and make adjustments to his wardrobe. The public seems to love his new tailored look, and Trivago’s message has reached the masses. We consider that a win-win.”

The tweets are looking less scary, too. Like this one:

“Trivago Guy' gets a new look - someone was listening! Good job @trivago #style #trivago”  

And this one: “Ha! Looks like the #Trivago guy took my advice and got a haircut and a new shirt.”

Although you can’t please them all:

#trivagoguy makeover… Is the shirt tight enough? #trivago

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