Travelers’ 2023 Loyalty Expo Session: Technology on the Move — Producing Better Drivers and Safer Roads

Travelers, a property casualty insurance company, was founded on April 1, 1864, in Hartford, CT. Over the years, the company became well-known for its thoughtful risk selection and underwriting, which has been critical to its success for decades. In fact, it’s the bedrock of the brand’s business. 

Today, Travelers has 30,000 employees and works in partnership with more than 13,000 independent insurance agents and brokers across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. The iconic red umbrella in its logo is recognized across global markets.  

Travelers is an award finalist for this year’s Loyalty360 Awards at the upcoming Loyalty Expo — held May 8-10 in Orlando, FL — in the Technology and Trends category for its Every Second Matters® initiative. Traveler’s partner in providing the technology for the platform is Cambridge Mobile Telematics.  

Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Jessica Kearney, Assistant Vice President of Public Policy at Travelers, and Laura Richardson, Vice President of Customer Success at Cambridge Mobile Telematics, about their upcoming awards presentation at the Loyalty Expo, how technology in mobile phones can create better drivers and safer roads, and what attendees will learn from the presentation.  

Can you give us a brief overview of what you plan to present for your awards presentation at the 2023 Loyalty Expo? 

Richardson: We’re excited to highlight the innovation and tech-driven partnership between Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) and Travelers Insurance. We address critical issues for consumers today — and American families generally. Since 2021, pedestrian fatalities are at the highest they’ve been in over 40 years. Phones are at the heart of this road safety crisis. For every hour Americans drive, they interact with their phone for 2 minutes and 12 seconds. 

CMT captures data from phones, tags, connected cars, and video, and using AI, transforms it into real-world behaviors – slamming on brakes, speeding, or interacting with the phone while driving. CMT’s customers, like Travelers, use this data to run safe driving programs that provide their customers with driving feedback and incentives to drive safer. 

Kearney: The telematics program at Travelers is called IntelliDrive®, which uses world-class technology platform from CMT. In our presentation, we’ll discuss this technology and share our journey to partnership with CMT.  

We’ll explain how customers earn premium discounts through IntelliDrive®. Customers have more control and transparency over their insurance policies, and personal feedback about their driving performance helps them drive more safely. The value cannot be understated. We’ve grown and wrote policies substantially since 2020. Customer satisfaction has increased while reducing the number of distracted driving trips taken by those customers.  

Our business partners, our network of independent insurance agents and brokers, offer a competitive and sustainable product to their clients. Travelers can price policies and engage with customers like never before. This is a critical piece to strengthening customer loyalty.  

We’ll also present our thought leadership initiatives through our Every Second Matters campaign. Our initiatives promote distracted driving education and awareness, and help people understand the risks while lending Travelers’ expertise. We provide customers and business partners with ways to engage with us and leverage our expertise and educational resources. 


Who do you think would benefit most from your awards presentation at the 2023 Loyalty Expo? 

Kearney: Roadway users, first and foremost. Our presentation is relevant for anyone who drives a car or who has a loved one who drives. This is an issue for all of us.  

Beyond brand loyalty, there’s something critical to learn here for everyone. While our focus is the insurance industry, attendees will be introduced to ideas to implement in their own markets. For those focused on tech, we’ll showcase how we use sophisticated and cutting-edge IoT technologies from CMT to paint a picture of driver behavior as we’ve never seen before. Next, we’ll share how we build incentives and structures for programs based on that data, giving customers transparency and control over their premiums, as well as key safety information.  

Customer loyalty professionals will benefit from our breakdown of how thought leadership content drives brand loyalty. Beyond what telematics provides, we engage business partners through webinars, media interviews, in-person events, online content, and more. Our presentation will demonstrate how we bring everything together. We create a positive experience and engagement opportunities for our customers to connect with Travelers.  


What are a few key takeaways attendees can expect to learn from your awards presentation? 

Richardson: Loyalty is about engagement. You can use technology to provide ongoing feedback to drivers, and that leads to better engagement. We’ve seen that gamification and education are critical. We plan to highlight how rewarding people for the right behavior creates a win-win environment. Drivers win because they learn how to drive safer and get significant discounts on their auto insurance. Auto insurers win because they can develop deeper relationships with their customers, increase loyalty, and personalize rates. 

Kearney: Thought leadership is a tremendously effective tool when demonstrating your value to customers — especially during an uncertain economy. We’re going to underscore that as well during our presentation.  


For more information on this year’s Loyalty Expo, including the event agenda and registration options, please visit   

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