Thorntons Rewards Customer Loyalty through Frequency and Behavior

Thorntons RewardsCustomer loyalty can be defined by a number of different factors, which can affect the way various programs attempt to acquire and retain valuable consumers. Many loyalty programs incentivize customers based on how much money they spend. This is a typical approach taken by many conventional customer engagement strategies.

There is, however, another way for brands to reward customer loyalty. Instead of simply prioritizing share of wallet, many innovative loyalty programs are starting to reward customer behaviors. This is especially pertinent now, as consumers are increasingly valuing relevant customer experiences.

Because customer loyalty has evolved past simplistic punch card transactions, rewarding behaviors presents a tremendous opportunity for brands to build meaningful customer relationships.

Thorntons, a family-owned and Kentucky-based convenience retailer, is an example of a brand that strives to offer this type of customer engagement. Beyond just being a convenient place to grab a snack or fill up the car, Thorntons strives to be a destination that people actually enjoy visiting.Thorntons Customer Loyalty

This customer engagement philosophy is not only visible in the brand’s willingness to give back to the community though various charitable contributions, it is also apparent in the way it structures its loyalty program.

Thorntons Refreshing Rewards® is a loyalty program that rewards customers for how many times they visit, and not on how much then spend.

Just signing up for the program is good enough to incentivize customers to start coming back. The welcome level, which begins immediately, includes 10 cents off every gallon of gas purchased during the first 30 days. From there, more frequent visits will increasingly move members up through the tiers.

Furthermore, and alongside the frequency metric, another significant angle of the program also increases customer engagement by personalizing offers and discounting items based on whatever customers buy most.

And this concept forms the foundation of Thorntons Refreshing Rewards’ newest promotional expansion.

It’s called “FREEquency Rewards.” And in addition to being cleverly named after the core aspect of its parent program, FREEquency Rewards provides discounts based on the personalized behavior of each individual consumer.

This includes discounts on fountain drinks, packaged beverages, candy, snacks, and more. After a member purchases a certain amount of FREEquency Rewards products, the next round is on the house.

At Thorntons, established behaviors and personal interests dictate rewards. This relevant approach to customer engagement is something that many consumers can appreciate and that more brands should notice.

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