The War To Win Customer Loyalty

Customer LoyaloyA new white paper titled, Data-Driven Customer Experiences: The New Battleground for Winning Customer Loyalty, marketers learn that data-driven solutions can enhance customer experiences across all channels.

The white paper was published by DataMentors, LLC−a data quality, data management, and business intelligence provider,

“Consumers interact with brands through any number of channels, such as email, customer service departments, social media, in-store visits, and on-line shopping,” said Anders Ekman, President of DataMentors. “They are also aware that they are giving away more of their personal data and they expect brands to use this information to deliver value in return. The customer experience is about more than any one individual touch point–it’s about collecting and using data to enhance relationships and deliver value across the entire customer journey.”

In Data-Driven Customer Experiences: The New Battleground for Winning Customer Loyalty, DataMentors explains the principles behind using data management, unique data sources, and analytics to drive better experiences.

Here are some key takeaways from the white paper:

Integrate multichannel data to better understand customers’ preferences, channel usage, lifestyles, and other key characteristics to develop targeted and personalized offers.

Use Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) to establish robust customer profiles and gain deeper insights to fine-tune messaging and optimize customer interactions. 

Analyze customer data and develop predictive analytics to create personalized experiences and anticipate future needs.

“Brands can no longer compete based solely on the quality of their products and services,” said Bob Orf, Chief Executive Officer of DataMentors. “Customer experiences are quickly outweighing the ‘best value for the buck’ mentality. Consumers are willing to pay more for positive experiences, and for those companies who are delivering, research shows they typically grow at double the rate of their competitors.”

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