The Parking Spot Redesigns Loyalty Program to Honor Best Members

The Parking Spot, the nation’s largest owner and operator of near-airport parking properties, recently announced a new tiered structure for its Spot Club rewards program. Spot Club members can now earn more savings, receive priority customer support, and redeem points for travel perks such as car washes and transfer points for airline miles.

The Spot Club loyalty program, which eclipsed the 1 million-member mark in 2016, allows loyal guests of The Parking Spot to earn points toward free parking. The enhanced loyalty program now introduces three premium tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, enabling The Parking Spot to offer more benefits to its most loyal members.

All members of the Spot Club will continue to be able to redeem their Spot Club points for free parking. Silver, Gold and Platinum level members will now be awarded a free day of parking each year as of their Spot Club anniversary date and will receive additional discounts on car care that increase with each higher program tier. Gold level members will receive priority online support and will be able to redeem points for car care services. Platinum level members will receive Gold level benefits plus premium online support and the ability to transfer Spot Club points for miles with several major airline partners.

Founded in 1998, The Parking Spot has 38 locations at 21 airports.

Loyalty360 talked to Thom Zak, The Parking Spot’s senior vice president and chief client officer, about the enhanced loyalty program.

What prompted the new tiered structure in the Spot Club rewards program and what are The Parking Spot’s goals for it from a customer engagement perspective?

Zak: With over a million members in our Spot Club program, we wanted to redesign the program to show our appreciation to our most loyal members by offering them a variety travel perks and rewards. We realize that nowadays many travel loyalty programs are redesigned to dilute the value of rewards, but it was our intent to add value without watering down the program by any means. Our goal is to have our Spot Club members to view us not simply as a place to park their vehicle, but a place to enhance their entire travel experience. For this reason, the added benefit of priority customer service will help guests get on their way faster, while the ability to redeem points on car care services will ensure they return home to perks like a newly washed or detailed vehicle. By adding these rewards, our members will find even more value in parking with us.
Did customer feedback play a role and, if so, in what way?

Zak: Customer feedback is vital to how we run our business, which is shown in our current Net Promoter Score, and played a huge role in how our tiered Spot Club program came to be. When we decided it was time to upgrade our program, we conducted customer surveys with Spot Club members across the country, gauging interest on what they would like to see. Much of the feedback revolved around the ability to redeem Spot Club points on perks beyond free parking. We took this feedback to heart, revamping the program so members would have the ability to redeem Spot Club points on car care services and airline miles with our select partners.

Customer experience is such a key differentiator today for loyalty marketers. How will these program enhancements enhance the overall customer experience?

Zak: As the bookend to each trip our guests take, we realize we have the ability to set the tone for the start of their trip as well as their return home. Beyond what we offer every guest that uses our service, our tiered loyalty program aims to enhance this experience for our Spot Club members by providing the perks our guests craved as a way to ensure our members realize how much they’re valued.

Are customers changing and, if so, how does that impact your loyalty offering?

Zak: While customers have always been on the lookout for discounts and savings with loyalty programs, as new generations of travelers appear, the dynamic of the services we offer and the types of customer experiences they search for does continue to evolve. Whether it’s getting a question answered a few minutes earlier by our priority online support team, or receiving a free day of parking on their Spot Club anniversary date, customers want reassurance that they are getting the most out of their loyalty program.

How do you define customer loyalty and has that definition evolved in recent years?

Zak: To us, customer loyalty is not just about having customers continually parking with us, but about creating such a positive experience that they want to organically promote us to their friends and family. While destinations change, we hope to be the familiar spot along their travel journey by providing the best loyalty program in the airport parking industry which only happens by listening to our customers to enhance their overall experience with us.

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