The Empire State Building Partners With Uptop To Unveil Tiered Ambassador Program

The iconic Empire State Building has partnered with loyalty platform Uptop to introduce an NFT-boosted Ambassador Program for its most devoted fans. The program launched on February 13 and is set to revolutionize the Observatory Experience for its visitors, which includes hosted guests and loyal fans in The Big Apple.

The Observatory recently underwent a $165 million renovation to enhance its visitors’ experiences. New features of the Observatory Experience include a dedicated guest entrance, an interactive nine-gallery museum, and an unprecedented glass elevator, which escorts guests from the 86th-floor observation deck to its renovated observation deck on the 102nd floor. The immersive experience offers 360-degree panoramic views of New York City and was voted the top attraction in the U.S. by TripAdvisor for two years running.

President of the Empire State Building, Jean-Yves Ghazi, said, “Each visit to the Empire State Building is unique, and we made it easier for our loyal locals who bring their guests and our superfans to take in our reimagined Observatory’s exhibits and unparalleled views time and time again. We want to show our fans our appreciation for their loyalty and offer exclusive access to premium, authentic experiences and the best views from the heart of New York City.”

The five-tier membership includes Ambassador, Bronze Ambassador, Silver Ambassador, Gold Ambassador, and Platinum Ambassador. Benefits and rewards are unlocked at the Bronze level, with more perks for higher-tiered memberships. Rewards include tickets for the 86th and 102nd-floor Observatories, lottery entries for exclusive Empire State Building celebrity events and the esteemed Empire State Building Run-Up, and ESB’s Sunrise Experience tickets.

In addition, new Ambassador Program members benefit from a custom NFT with limited edition artwork featuring the Empire State Building, which will also serve as a digital collectible and key to unlock their rewards. Higher-tiered members will receive additional NFTs with an Art Deco backdrop correlating with the member’s tier membership. Platinum members will receive an NFT with a platinum metallic backdrop. The NFTs are developed and distributed in union with Uptop.

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