Technology Options Spark Heightened CX for Business Travelers

Technology solutions play such an important role today for loyalty marketers. Finding and leveraging the right solutions can lead to heightened customer engagement and brand loyalty.

For business travelers, technology has opened up new and exciting engagement horizons.

According to the CWT Connected Traveler Study, released by Carlson Wagonlit Travel, business travelers are bringing more devices and feel more productive when they travel.

The survey of more than 1,900 business travelers found that, on average, they carry four different types of technology (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.), with the smartphone being the one “travel tool they can’t live without,” as more than 80 percent of travelers across the globe rely on their phone to conduct business.

“The business traveler can be so much more productive than even five years ago thanks to technology,” said Simon Nowroz, CMO at Carlson Wagonlit Travel. “Think about the advances where a business traveler used to have so much down time between a flight, taxi, and hotel. Now, they can log-in and work while on the plane or wherever they happen to be. With the continued emergence of the tablet, as well as numerous apps, travelers don’t feel out of touch as they carry out business.”

According to the study, work-based relationships and productivity are strengthened through business travel. Nearly nine in 10 business travelers (86 percent) said travel helped them build new knowledge and perspective, while 80 percent said business travel boosted their productivity. More than nine in 10 (93 percent) said that travel positives outweighed negatives when it comes to building and maintaining relationships at work, while nearly 8 in 10 (77 percent%) say the same about their home lives.

Business travelers, however, noted two key areas of concern in the study.

Two-thirds (67 percent) of travelers said they believe travel is safer today. But, nearly half (46 percent) remain concerned about their safety. This has led more travelers (68 percent) to “sometimes or always” purchase travel insurance. Business travelers also have difficulties maintaining routines and wellness. More than half of travelers (54 percent) say that their exercise and wellness habits are disrupted when they travel.

According to the study, as travelers connect with coworkers or family, they often use different methods. With family or friends, travelers chose calling (44 percent), Skype (24 percent) and text (17 percent) as their preferred communication methods. However, they connect with co-workers differently: email (44 percent), calling (24 percent) and texting (14 percent).

“There are many variables that can make a business trip a success or a failure in the eyes of the traveler,” said Nowroz. “The easier we can make it for travelers to be organized, the more we help them have a better overall experience.”

The CWT Connected Traveler Study was created by Carlson Wagonlit Travel and conducted through Artemis Strategy Group March 30-April 24, 2017. Survey data was collected from more than 1,900 business travelers between the ages of 25-65 from the Americas (Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico and the United States), EMEA (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom) and APAC (Australia, China, India, Japan and Singapore). To participate in the study, business travelers were required to have made more than four business
trips within the past 12 months. The purpose of this study is, to understand how business travelers stay connected to both work and home while on the road.

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