Target Re-imagines Store Customer Experience in a Big Way

For Target officials, the Dallas/Fort Worth area offers historical significance to the discount store retailer. Revamping the store shopping experience and physical appearance is a worthy investment. In fact, that worthy investment is $220 million to renovate 28 stores in North Texas.

Loyalty360 talked to Target spokesperson Kristy Welker to find out more about the massive remodeling efforts Target has planned for now and in the future. Target’s new layout places a premium on the real estate in the front of stores.

Can you talk a bit about the factors behind Target’s major redesigns of the Dallas/Fort Worth stores and what the company goals are for them from a customer engagement/customer experience perspective?
Welker: As part of Target’s plans to reimagine hundreds of stores across the country, Target plans to invest $220 million to renovate 28 stores across North Texas, the company’s largest remodel investment in a single market in 2017. The renovations for each location will range in scope based on the needs of local guests. Many of the stores will receive top-to-bottom overhauls, featuring updated design elements and enhanced product presentations based on what guests love most about Target’s recent tests and new stores. Additionally, for stores remodeled in October, renovations will incorporate elements of the new next generation design as Target plans to reimagine stores.

Dallas-Fort Worth has long been an important market for Target since it first opened its North Dallas location in August 1969. With Target’s large presence across North Texas, including the 5,000 team members who live and work in the 28 stores being remodeled, the company is committed to investing in local stores.

Earlier this year, Target announced a commitment to invest billions of dollars over the next three years to reimagine 600 stores by 2019. In 2017, Target will complete 110 top-to-bottom store renovations, with 28 of those taking place in North Texas.

Our stores are a strategic asset and a vital part of Target’s future. They are at the center of everything we do for guests regardless of where we ultimately deliver the order. Our more than 1,800 stores across the country are about 10 miles or less from three-quarters of all Americans. Stores will look different over the next few years, meeting guests’ needs in a new way and serving guests we’ve never been able to reach before.

What are the main components of the redesigned stores and how much research was conducted prior to it?
Welker: As part of Target’s ongoing commitment to evolve the shopping experience, Target will continue to invest in digital, as well as stores, to provide guests with inspiration and convenience no matter how guests shop with Target. From an updated, robust grocery department, to elevated style presentations throughout the store, we think guests will feel welcomed and inspired with the beautiful enhancements we have planned for our remodels.

How different will these redesigned stores look?
Welker: The scope of the remodels will vary by store and will depend on the age and condition of the stores. Some departments within the store will shift to create an easier flow for guests to shop. The store design and fixtures will be more modern, so the stores will have a new, reimagined look.

What store departments will receive a larger emphasis in the redesigned stores?
Welker: Inspiration, style and ease will be emphasized in the store remodels.

For inspiration and style, there will be enhanced merchandise presentations with updated mannequins and fixtures in apparel, home, and beauty.

For ease, guests are greeted with robust, fresh grocery assortments, including convenient grab-and-go food and beverage options. Also, Target’s Order Pickup service is conveniently located at the front of the store at the Guest Service counter so guests have an easy and seamless experience to pick-up online orders.

Are there any plans to redesign other Target stores the same way?
Welker: Yes. Target will complete 110 full-store remodels in 2017. The remodels taking place this spring and summer will reflect the look for the recent Dallas-Fort Worth remodels. There will be approximately 35 remodels in the fall, so several of those stores will receive elements of Target’s next generation of store design, which will include brand new features and store design elements.

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